Howler Hoorays:

August 2020 - June 2021

Canyon Creek PTA is 100% volunteer run and we are working on events & programs even in this unusual year! These notes are our THANK YOUS to all those who make what we do possible! We couldn't do it without you!

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June 2021


6/20/2021 Howler


6/13/2021 Howler

GRATITUDE to all of the 2020-21 PTA board members, chairs and silent volunteers. We couldn't have gotten through this year without all of the volunteer hours and creative ideas. See our PTA volunteer thank you article.

6/6/2021 Howler

MUCH GRATITUDE to: Robin Zaback, Sage Moon, Nicole Trimble, Laurie Moody and Melanie McKenzie for their continual support of our May Windows & Mirrors Book Drive.  We received 25 new books focused on Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month AND Jewish American Heritage Month. These books will be delivered to the school and be placed in the library or classrooms for our students to enjoy! 

WOOHOOS to everyone who participated in our Dine to Donate event at MOD Pizza! Thanks also to everyone who helped spread the word about this event. MOD donated $236.39 to our PTA! SHOUT OUT to our PTA President, Karen Smith, for coordinating the event. And thanks to MOD Pizza in Canyon Park for supporting our non-profit organization!!

HUGE HOORAYS for our Math Challenge Chair: Daisy Tan, for all her work this year on our Math Challenge program! There were 15 challenges and she tracked and reported the participants for each of the challenges. We were excited to see the number of participants we had this year, with everything remote for most of the year. Check out our Math Challenge Wrap-Up article!

THANKS to our PTA membership for approving our Staff Grant Program. We are thrilled to have been able to offer grants to our hard working staff. APPRECIATION to ourdonors and sponsors this year, which provided the funds for 28 staff grants totaling $2,027.45 which directly support our students’ learning! Find out how the staff used their grants.

May 2021


5/30/2021 Howler

APPRECIATION to Melanie Mckenzie for creating the spring scavenger hunt! We are excited to be using this fun tool to engage families! Thank you again to everyone who participated in the last hunt! And don't forget to signup for the NEW summer scavenger hunt that started TODAY!

HUGE HOORAYS for the leaders from Canyon Creek PTA who attended the virtual Washington State PTA convention: Karen Smith (current and next year President), Melanie McKenzie (current and next year VP-Programs), Jenn Snyder (current and next year VP-Communications), Nicole Trimble (website & newsletter editor), Priya Patel (incoming Treasurer), Nancy Tangen (incoming Membership Chair)! There were so many classes and networking opportunities! The attendees are still able to watch recorded classes and will be having a meeting to discuss learnings and what we want to bring to our PTA. Keep a lookout for the update in a couple weeks!

MUCH GRATITUDE to our PTA chairs/leaders who have served and are stepping down from their chair position at the end of this year. We appreciate these amazing leaders that have impacted our PTA and school in such a positive way! We will miss each of you and wish you the best.

  • Courtney Carr
  • Emily Cross
  • Karen DeMercer
  • Bethany Jager
  • Megan King
  • Courtney Pansini
  • Daisy Tan
  • Robin Zaback


5/23/2021 Howler

MANY THANKS to our awards committee: Jennifer Snyder, Courtney Carr, Molly Goodspeed, Ruth Hansen and Melanie McKenzie. Their time, effort and dedication in ensuring that our award recipients had a wonderful celebration deserves praise.

MUCH GRATITUDE to Mumtaz Zimbalist, Jennifer Snyder, Nicole Trimble, Karen Smith and Priya Patel for their work on the proposed 2021-22 budget. Several hours went into accessing the current budget and planning for the new school year!

HUGE SHOUT OUT AND THANKS to Skyview Middle School Principal Dawn Mark, Skyview Counselor Gini Scott and Skyview PTSA President Barby Taheri for their discussion with 5th grade families and students regarding 2021-22 school year. We appreciate their willingness to help bridge that gap for our students going into 6th grade next year. Also, CHEERS to Canyon Creek Principal Bruce Denton for being available to answer questions and participate in our meetings all year!


5/16/2021 Howler

MUCH GRATITUDE to Nicole Trimble, Robin Zaback, Sage Moon and Melanie McKenzie for their book purchases in support of our DEI Windows & Mirrors April Book Drive. Our April Book Drive focused on Earth Day and Autism Awareness Month. The books that were purchased will be given to our school library/classrooms.

5/9/2021 Howler

THANK YOU to everyone who did a little something to show Canyon Creek staff how appreciated they are!! SPECIAL THANKS to Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen for their efforts last week to show love to staff. SHOUT OUT to Mumtaz Zimbalist & Sign Gypsies Eastside Seattle for donating the yard sign display on Friday. Please find photos and information about what we did last week. 

5/2/2021 Howler

HOORAYS to the students and their families who participated in our (virtual) STEM Fair! We recognize that this took extra time and effort to do this during this challenging time. HUGE THANKS to our STEM Chair, Steve Rubenstein and his daughter Halsey-- for all their work on our STEM Fair. (View the projects.)

THREE CHEERS for everyone who supported our PTA at the MOD Dine Out event on March 30th! This event raised over $290 for our PTA. We so appreciate the support! THANK YOU to our PTA President, Karen Smith for organizing this fundraiser.

WOOHOO to all of the families who supported the Can Do 5K last week! SPECIAL THANKS to the Can Do 5K team organizer, Bonnie Plottner for offering to setup the team!


April 2021


4/25/2021 Howler

IMMENSE GRATITUDE to all those who donated to our "Fill The Fridge" Staff Appreciation Event. BIG SHOUT OUT to Sue Hanson & Terri Jaenson for doing the work of actually filling the refrigerator and putting out the treats (since volunteers are not yet allowed on campus). HOORAYS for our Staff Appreciation Team: Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen for all their work coordinating this event. View entire thank you message (including photos).

HUGE APPRECIATION to Northshore Council PTSA for funding the membership for the GooseChase scavenger hunt platform available to ALL Northshore School District PTA and PTSA organizations! Also THANK YOU to Jennifer Herrman (past Canyon Creek PTA Treasurer) for getting the grant request to Northshore Council PTSA - and for working on setting up the accounts on the GooseChase platform (and providing training for those who are interested)! Check out the scavenger hunt starting May 1st!

4/18/2021 Howler

MUCH GRATITUDE for all the support we received for the March Windows & Mirrors Book Drive. Thank you to our generous supporters who donated books: Foram Shah, Sage Moon, Nicole Trimble, Mumtaz Zimbalist, Melanie McKenzie and Laurie Moody. All of the donated books are at the school waiting to be used by students! 

THANK YOU to the 15 individual nominators who made compelling suggestions for our Local PTA awards. We are excited to announce the winners at our May General Membership meeting on  May 18th at 6:30pm. All are welcome to attend!

YIPPEES to the students who participated in the Read 4 Adventure program in March. We had 26 students who reported reading at least 8 hours in the month of March! That's so awesome! MANY THANKS to Emily Cross for coordinating this program!! HUGE CHEERS to High Trek Adventures in Everett for hosting this challenge and providing the prizes in the form of vouchers for some outdoor fun.

WOOHOO for our Directory Chair: Phuong Nguyen for creating our 2020-21 Canyon Creek Directory available for our members, ensuring our Canyon Creek Coyotes can stay connected to one other through the end of the year and into summer break! And THANK YOU to Sue Hanson for helping provide information to help make sure we share the right names!

4/4/2021 Howler

MANY THANKS to our PTA After School Enrichment Chair, Han Wexler, for her coordination in our spring after school enrichment program.

KUDOS to our PTA Secretary, Emily Cross, for bringing a fun March reading program (Read 4 Adventure) to our school. Many thanks for the extra effort!

THANK YOU to our PTA President, Karen Smith, for coordinating the MOD pizza night last Tuesday! SO MUCH APPRECIATION to all the families and community members who went and supported our PTA.

WOOHOO for our amazing Canyon Creek Librarians: Karla Beavo, Krista Fiser and Robyn Martin! April is School Library month...we appreciate you all so much!

March 2021


3/28/2021 Howler

HUGE APPRECIATION to the Canyon Creek administration & staff who worked to make the first bridge week happen at Canyon Creek. We saw photos of lots of excited kids on social media - happy to be back on campus!

HOORAYS to Northshore Council PTSA for making the Screenagers: The Next Chapter movie available for our community!

3/21/2021 Howler

MANY THANKS to Courtney Pansisi, Nancy Tangen and Melanie McKenzie for reviewing all our financial records for the mid year financial review. We are thrilled to share that our finances are in order. MUCH APPRECIATION to our Treasurer, Mumtaz Zimbalist for her diligent and attentive work for our PTA.

GRATITUDE to our Executive Board and our Membership for their approval of our Gift to School purchase of 56 "Stop the Bleed" kits. "Stop the Bleed" kits are packaged kits that are ONLY used in an emergency if a tourniquet is needed to save one's life. KUDOS to our school administration for supporting this funding and the upcoming training that the staff will have to support the use of this kit. THANK YOU to our Grant Committee: Karen Mitchell Smith, Nancy Tangen, Ms. Airhart & Mr. Denton for working together on the grant wording and process. 

THREE CHEERS for our PTA Nominating Committee: Mumtaz Zimbalist, Jennifer Snyder & Melanie McKenzie. We very much appreciation your time and commitment to filling our 2021-22 executive board.


3/14/2021 Howler

SO MUCH GRATITUDE for the generous support and book donations for our February Windows & Mirrors Book Drive honoring Black History Month. Many thanks to Robin Zaback, Nicole Trimble, Mumtaz Zimbalist, Ranee Axtell, Melanie McKenzie, Emily Owen, Sage Moon, Manju Mahedevan, and Lead Moody! All the books will be given to the school library and classrooms. We are excited for our students to start reading these great books.

HOORAYS to all of the administrators, teachers & staff of Canyon Creek Elementarywho have joined our PTA, showing their support for what we bring to the Canyon Creek Community. We have been honored with a 100% Staff Membership Award by Washington State PTA. 


3/7/2021 Howler

MANY THANKS to Northshore Council PTSA, Cottage Lake Elementary PTA and Hollywood Elementary PTA for sponsoring A Solution for (Almost) Every Struggle: Parenting Outside the B.O.C.S.  It was a very informative presentation and we appreciate that our school community was invited to participate.


February 2021


2/28/2021 Howler

MUCH APPRECIATION to Barby Taheri and Skyview PTSA for bringing COVID, Kids & Mental Health to our school Wednesday night. MANY THANKS to Skyview Middle School staff for their support and our partners Skyview PTSA, Fernwood PTA, NorthCreek High School PTSA and Ruby Bridges PTSA.  KUDOS to COVID, Kids & Mental Health presenter, Melody Murray, LMFT and Child Mental Health Specialist, for her expertise and knowledge. Nearly 75 participants signed on to hear Melody Murray discuss the challenges that all of us as parents are facing regarding mental health. If you missed this presentation, here are some resources that Melody Murray (LMFT and Child Mental Health Specialist), shared for our families! Resources provided by the presenter.

THANK YOU to our Spelling Bee Chair, Vijay Pusuluri for conducting our first "virtual" Spelling Bee. It was a gigantic success. Many thanks to all the families who supported their spellers during this time.

HOORAYS for our PTA Popcorn Committee: Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen for putting together the special popcorn treats for students at the materials pickup event at school last week! Also thanks to the office staff and teachers who helped distribute the popcorn to students!


2/21/2021 Howler

HUGE KUDOS to our incredible PTA Art Docent Chairs: Karen DeMercer and Emily Cross. They have worked diligently and tirelessly to ensure that ALL Canyon Creek students receive enriching art this school year. Special SHOUT OUT to our Canyon Creek Office Manager, Sue Hanson- we appreciate her assistance in supporting our art docent program. She ensured all the art docent supplies went home with students and the videos made by our stellar art docent volunteers got to the appropriate grade level teachers. Thank you, Sue! We are also grateful for our Canyon Creek teachers for working with our art docents and showing the art docent videos to their students. What a great partnership!

MUCH APPRECIATION to our school community for their continued support for the Helping Hands program. For mid winter break, we are able to provide 22 families food gift cards! Thank you again to Sue Hanson for her coordination and dedication to this program.

HOORAYS to all who support our Partnership programs. Our PTA received TWO checks this month from Box Tops program and Fred Meyer, totalling $326. Woohoo! Supporting our partnership programs is an easy way to support our PTA! Every little bit helps and those funds go to support our entire PTA program! (BTW, we would love to find a chair for this program. It's an easy one to do from home and a pretty straight forward program!)

2/7/2021 Howler 

HUGE HOWLER HOORAYS to all of the NSD School Counselors for what they do for our students and school communities. It's National Counselors Week!! There is a "KUDOS BOARD" setup for sharing your appreciation and reading all the wonderful comments from others about our district counselors. Check it out

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of the 32 students who competed in our Canyon Creek PTA Spelling Bee on Monday! Everyone did an amazing job! There is actually a three way tie for 1st place based on the online test, so there will be a tie breaker test soon and we will share the details then! Learn more.

APPRECIATION to Canyon Creek's two Parent2Parent Liaisons: Andrea Wojcik (K-2nd grade liaison) & Jenn Snyder (3-5th grade liaison). They are available to help with any Canyon Creek families experiencing NSD technology related issues. Thank you both for sharing your time and working to help our families navigate this online environment! Find out more and how to reach Andrea and/or Jenn.

CHEERS for our amazing Art Docent volunteers: Nancy and Mike Tangen, Maria Allen, DC Reville, Barby Taheri, Foram Shah, Emily Cross and Erin Dunn! 
They have created Art Docent videos for our classrooms who may not have Art Docents, helping to ensure that all of our students get the opportunity to learn about art!

January 2021


1/31/2021 Howler

HUGE SHOUT OUT to our Canyon Creek families and staff that attended our Thursday night presentation and discussion on Inclusion in the Early Years: Why? What? and How?. We had a wonderful turn out for this webinar style session and hope all attendees found value in this program. Also, special THANK YOU to our PTA Board- their commitment in bringing relevant programs to our school community is commendable. Lastly, MUCH APPRECIATION to our NSD PTA/PTSA partners: Northshore Council PTSA, Kenmore PTA, Fernwood PTA, Kokanee PTSA, Ruby Bridges PTA and Woodin PTA

KUDOS to all our PTA members! Without your support, we could not bring engaging and enriching presentations & programs to our school community. (Not a member yet? Join today.)

We are so GRATEFUL for our Spelling Bee Chair, Vijay Pusuluri for organizing our Virtual Spelling Bee! Students will be testing on Monday, February 1st and we are excited to announce our Canyon Creek Spelling Bee Champion soon.

1/24/2021 Howler

MUCH APPRECIATION to our new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committeethat was formed this school year. Kudos to these stellar Canyon Creek families and staff for their effort and hours that have gone into starting our new DEI Committee: Kris Purrier, Foram Shah, Kathy Tan, Sage Moon, Mariel Villa, Melanie McKenzie, Karen Smith, Carson Sanderson, Bob Graff, Bethany Valint, and Laurie Powers. (Learn more about this committee, what they hope to do, and how you can get involved.)

GRATITUDE to everyone who joined the WSPTA Action Network and took the like to share their stories with legislators this past week during Advocacy Week.

HUGE HUGE KUDOS to our amazing Food Drive Chair, Courtney Pansini. Her initiative and dedication to ensuring that our school community had the opportunity to support Woodinville StoreHouse should be celebrated! Many thanks to all Canyon Creek staff members for supporting this event! Special shout out to Annie Hall, Bob Graff, Marie Wong, Bruce Denton & Melanie McKenzie who helped load up THREE large truck/SUV's full of the food and Roxie Hall and Sue Hanson for their behind the scenes work. Lastly, none of this would have been possible without your generosity and kindness. THANK YOU to all of the Canyon Creek families who brought donations. We are so overwhelmed with joy that WE were able to support our community so much!


1/17/2021 Howler

GRATITUDE to the food service staff, transportation staff and volunteers who prepare & distribute lunches each week. Not only does it help with food security, which is so critical right now. It also brings a little of school home to students!! 

1/10/2021 Howler

GRATITUDE to our After School Enrichment Chair, Han Wexler, for the many hours spent for research and coordination for our winter enrichment class offerings. We appreciate you, Han, for all your time and dedication!

HOORAYS to Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen for creating a lovely token to welcome Canyon Creek staff back to school after winter break. 


1/3/2021 Howler

MUCH APPRECIATION to our PTA Reflections Chair, Robin Zaback, for coordinating Canyon Creek PTA's Reflections program this year! CHEERS for Shea Johnson, for helping Robin! Also, THANKS to the parents of our student artists, who supported these creative young people. And finally, WOOHOO and CONGRATULATIONS to all of the student artists! See who participated.

Special Helping Hands Thank You Message

TREMENDOUS GRATITUDE to our school community that supported our Helping Hands Program this holiday season. We are overwhelmed by the generosity and assistance provided - and know that the gifts and food was greatly appreciated by our school families.

THANK YOU to Betsy Baeskens, Valerie Baker, Bela Bhatt, Jenis Bhavsar, Crysta Burch, Christy Deer, Bruce Denton, Janet Diggs, Brandi Doyle, Suzanne Ducotey, Jodi Ehlers, Christine Hansen, Chrissy Hart, Chantile Haupt, Jennifer Herbison, Jennifer Higson, Trina Hilgers, Taylor Hollingsworth, Jill James, Lisa Kieffer, Grace Kim, Evan Lepine, Serena Lindley, Nicole Luchsinger, Nicole Trimble, Megan Madsen, Melanie McKenzie, Kristin Nagy, Emily Owen, Laurie Powers, Karen Rogers, Steve Rubenstein, Mahaniya Shankar, Gretchen Slywka, Jennifer Snyder, Marcia Trepp, John Trischetti, Kate Vagt, Lynnea Webb, Andrea Wojcik, the Murray and Hagen family.

HUGE KUDOS to our elves that donated and/or shopped for families: Alyysa Koske, Mumtaz Zimbalist, Courtney Pansini, Nancy Tangen, Emily Cross, Karen Smith, Jennifer Snyder, Nicole Trimble, and Melanie McKenzie.

SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT goes to Canyon Creek Office Manager, Sue Hanson. Sue Hanson coordinates with the confidential families and ensures their needs are heard and met. 

SHOUT OUT to our school administration for their partnership with our PTA and ensuring our Helping Hands programs is available to all that need the support.

Lastly, we know we did not acknowledge everyone that was behind the scenes contributing and making this happen- so THANK YOU for all you secret elves that made this possible.
(Check out full article with photos and more details.)


December 2020


12/13/2020 Howler

HOORAYS to all the generous donors who helped fulfill the Holiday Wishlists for 16 families - 69 individuals! Between the Thanksgiving Meals and the Holiday Wishlists, we raised over $5,800 to support our Canyon Creek families! This will be used for the Holiday Wishlists, winter break food bags & grocery gift cards, and potentially mid-winter & spring break food assistance. HUGE APPRECIATION to every single donor who helped make this happen. CHEERS to Melanie McKenzie and Sue Hanson for again teaming up to make this happen. MANY THANKS to the Holiday Elves who shopped for and organized the gifts, wrapping paper, tape and food! 

12/6/2020 Howler

HOORAYS to Emily Cross for purchasing and organizing the art docent supplies sent home with students last week. Her dedication in ensuring over 900 kids receive the art packets is inspiring. Also a SHOUT OUT to the middle school helpers who assisted with the cutting and bagging all of that clay. THANK YOU to Mumtaz Zimbalist, Jennifer Snyder and Melanie McKenzie for helping to fill the bags for distribution.  

MANY THANKS to Canyon Creek Elementary Administration & Staff for working with us to distribute our PTA flyers & art supplies at last week's materials pickup event! We really appreciate our partnership!

MUCH APPRECIATION to our After School Enrichment chair: Han Wexler, for diligently working to bring 4 great after school virtual programs to our students!! (Learn about the classes offered.)

KUDOS to our STEM Chair: Steve Rubenstein for the great resources for Computer Science Education Week- Hour of Code. We hope students enjoy learning about how programming works! (View the article!)

GRATITUDE to Nancy Tangen and Megan Madsen for putting together a fun little thank you treat for Canyon Creek's staff, hopefully showing them how much we appreciate of all their efforts.


November 2020


11/29/2020 Howler

GRATITUDE to everyone who contributed to our Helping Hands Thanksgiving Meals! Together, we provided 16 Canyon Creek families with Thanksgiving Meals. It was wonderful to see so much generosity in our community on a rainy Monday morning. Please take a moment to read our Recap & Thank You article - every person listed made a difference by donating food and/or money and is SO appreciated. We want to give an extra special acknowledgement to Sue Hanson, Canyon Creek Elementary Office Manager, for her caring heart and dedication to helping our school families.


11/22/2020 Howler

THANK YOU to everyone who attended our NAMI Eastside: Ending the Silencepresentation on Monday night. It was so great to see new families. We truly hope this presentation offered guidance and support. We are GRATEFUL for the Canyon Creek Elementary team who were present and engaged, willing to support our school families: Principal Bruce Denton, Assistant Principal Ali Airhart, Assistant Principal Brandi Doyle, Counselor Linda Springsteen and Nurse Susan Monette-Czarnecki. KUDOS to our NAMI presenters, Ellen Wastell and Bradley Hansen as well as our Spanish translator, Fernando Davila.


11/15/2020 Howler

THANK YOU to our 2020-21 Sponsors: Bothell Orthodontics, Bothell Pediatric Dentistry, and Fey & Grey Orthodontics. We so appreciate their support in this very unusual year. Find our sponsor page on our website

MUCH APPRECIATION to our school administrators, Mr. Denton and Ms. Airhart, NAMI educator Ellen Westell, NSD Spanish translator, Fernando Davila and PTA leaders Nicole Trimble and Melanie Mckenzie for their extra preparation in ensuring our Ending the Silence for Families program runs smoothly! We are very excited about this event and hope you will join us!


11/8/2020 Howler

THANK YOU to Melanie Mckenzie, Karen Smith, Carson Sanderson, Kathy Tan, Mariel Villa and Canyon Creek Admin & Staff: Laurie Powers, Bob Graff and Bethany Valint for attending our first Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee meeting!

GRATITUDE to everyone who has donated to our PTA this school year! We so appreciate the support and are working to offer programs and events that will help build community and educate our families!

11/1/2020 Howler

MUCH APPRECIATION to Nicole Trimble, Courtney Pansini, Barby Taheri & Melanie McKenzie for organizing the 250 pieces of spiritwear items that our school ordered. MANY THANKS to our vendor, Nicholi at Wytex & Co. We all hope that everyone LOVES their spiritwear! Also, THANK YOU to our school administration for working with us and making it possible to get the spiritwear in the student material bags.

HUGE SHOUT OUT to our Art Docent Chairs: Emily Cross, Karen DeMercer and Courtney Carr. We are so appreciative of your effort, time and LOVE for ensuring that ART is available for our students.

CHEERS to our Popcorn Friday Team: Nancy Tangen, Megan Madsen & Courtney Carr, for the creativity and effort to make Popcorn Friday happen for 900 students during a pandemic! We hope that was a fun surprise for students in their supply bags on Friday!

WOOHOOs to everyone who submitted their pumpkin creations for our Pumpkin Decorating Contest! THANKS to the Pumpkin Contest Judges: Karen Smith, Melanie McKenzie, Barby Taheri, Emily Cross, Mumtaz Zimbalist & Nicole Trimble, who had the nearly impossible task of selecting the winners. And YIPPEEs for Jennifer Snyder, who made the whole thing happen!

GRATITUDE to our WSPTA Legislative Assembly attendees: Carson Sanderson, Karen Smith, Adnan Siddiqui, Melanie McKenzie, Nicole Trimble, Mumtaz Zimbalist & Emily Cross. We appreciate the time spent learning about and voting on the elements of the 2020-2022 WSPTA Legislative Platform. A summary of the Legislative Assembly will be shared soon!


October 2020


10/25/2020 Howler

THANK YOU to all of the attendees of our first PTA General Membership Meeting of the new school year and Mr. Denton for answering community questions! We had a great group for the "social time" and it was nice to chat. Check out the meeting recap.

HUGE KUDOS to all those who participated in our first parent education of the year, Pandemic Parenting! It was very informative and gave us all tools on how to be a better version of ourselves, not just for our kids but for ourselves. MUCH APPRECIATION to our presenter, Cher Anderton, and our Spanish translator, Fernando Davila. We are BEYOND GRATEFUL for our school administration, Mr. Denton and Ms. Airhart for their support and guidance. Lastly, huge HUGE SHOUT OUT to Northshore Council PTSA for their assistance in the funding of our parent education and to our three other partner PTAs: Kokanee PTA, Ruby Bridges PTSA and Woodin PTA. And extra HOORAYS to our VP-Programs, Melanie McKenzie, for all the hard work to make this happen. We are thankful for this opportunity to bring such enriching programs to YOU!

10/18/2020 Howler

HUGE APPRECIATION to all of the custodial staff at Canyon Creek Elementary and Northshore School District for working hard and doing their part to keep teachers, staff, administrators and students safe. Your work does not go unnoticed and is SO essential! Thank you.

10/11/2020 Howler

APPRECIATION to our librarians, bus drivers, and everyone else involved in the distribution of library books to our students at bus stops and Canyon Creek on Friday!

10/4/2020 Howler

THANK YOU to those who participated in our 2nd Coyote Connections event! It was a great conversation! We did have less participation at the midday time, so maybe that time is too hard with elementary age students (we feel it too).

HOORAYS to all of our 2020-21 PTA members - both new and returning!! We appreciate your support, so much!

September 2020


9/27/2020 Howler

THANK YOU to our first Coyote Connections participants! It was great to meet new families, hear about what they have struggled with, and learn from others about what they have done that has gone well! We have another one planned for this coming Tuesday - we hope to see you there!


9/20/2020 Howler

HUGE THANKS to Canyon Creek Elementary admin & staff for their planning and execution of the School Material Pickup & Photo Days this week! Based on what we heard and experienced, the process went very smoothly and students really enjoyed seeing the staff. We appreciate all the work that went into planning this event.

9/13/2020 Howler

THANK YOU to all of the teachers and staff who are working so hard! They are LEARNING all the new systems, TEACHING students and families how to navigate and use them, and GETTING to know our children (and families). We appreciate your efforts!