Canyon Creek PTA After School Enrichment Program

Winter 2021 

The New Year brings new experiences- make sure to sign up your student by Wednesday 1/6 at 11am!!

We are excited to announce FOUR (4) online after school classes offered this winter! Make sure to read the details below - and check out the classes offered.6crickets logo

We are using a PORTAL called 6crickets to book and manage all after school programs
- so you will want to get setup for that prior to registration opening, to ensure quick booking.


  • Register online at 6crickets (Canyon Creek page). Make sure to pre-register before Monday, December 14th.
  • Registration opens Monday, December 14th @ 8:00am and closes Monday, January 4th @ 11:00am. Deadline has been extended to Wednesday, December 6th at 11am.
  • Classes will be filled on a "First Come, First Served" basis.
  • WAITLIST: If a class is full when you try to register, feel free to add your student to the waitlist. If someone decides to drop out of the class, the waitlist is used to fill that spot. Also, if the provider sees a high level of interest in a class, they may try to add another teacher!


PTA Chaperone is REQUIRED (for EACH class)

  • We require that each and every class have a PTA chaperone present the entire time. The chaperone MUST be present and visible (with video ON) the entire time of each class.
  • The PTA chaperone must be
  • A scholarship is provided for one student per class whose parent is the chaperone for the entire session. (If there is more than one volunteer for this position, a name can be drawn from a hat). Contact Han Wexler for information about the scholarship.
  • Any class without a PTA chaperone present will be cancelled for the day.



Any questions you have about these program, contact


Class & Vendor Info


Seattle Dance Fitness

Hip Hop Dance Fitness: Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Tuesdays, 1/12-3/9, 3:45-4:30 pm
No class on 2/16
Session cost: $98/student

From Vendor:

Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® is best described as a DANCE PARTY featuring kid-friendly hip hop & pop routines, interactive dance games and more! Classes incorporate key childhood development elements like confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, and coordination. Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® helps to develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives by making fitness FUN! Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® is now online and bringing the Dance Party into YOUR HOME!! All of our instructors are super engaging even through the screen and students will get a chance to get social with their peers before, during and after class as we always come onto the live stream about 10 min before class starts to say hi and check in with the kids. We use ZOOM Technology to live stream to your computer or TV, and all you need to do is decide whether to share YOUR video feed with us (join the "Gallery" of kids in the class!!) or enjoy a more private dance party (join with Audio only). A perfect indoor energy buster or homeschool PE class!

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CreART Studioz

Junior Picassos: Kindergarten - 5th grade

Wednesdays, 1/13-3/10, 2:30-3:30 pm
No class on 2/17
Session cost: $163/student

From Vendor:

Students will have fun learning a variety of art techniques, artistic styles, and also make 3D projects throughout eight exciting weeks of art enrichment classes. Application of techniques will be expressed through various art media. Each class focuses on one or more elements of art. Students learn the concept of color, pattern, shape, line, texture, space and composition. Each lesson is designed to inspire kids to develop their visual perception in a natural and unhindered manner, and introduced to the children in a playful and energetic way.

Art supply kits are included in the class price and can be picked up from outside the studio one week before the classes start anytime between 10am - 6pm on Wednesday, January 6th.

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Play-Well TEKnologies

STEM FUNdamentals using LEGO: Kindergarten-5th grade 

Thursdays, 1/14-3/11, 3:45-4:30 pm
No class on 2/18
Session cost: $98/student

From Vendor:

Play-Well TEKnologies: STEM FUNdamentals using LEGO

Play-Well classes are going virtual! Tap into your imagination from the comfort of your own home with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor and simple pieces from your own LEGO® collection - all while connecting virtually with your friends and classmates! Students will explore their creative boundaries, learn new building techniques, and connect their projects to practical real-world STEM concepts, all with a focus on open-ended builds that do not require special LEGO® pieces.

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Chess Wizards

"KinderWizards": Kindergarten
"Proud Pawns": Complete Beginner
"Nifty Knights": Beginner
"Brilliant Bishops": Intermediate
"Rad Rooks": Strong Intermediate

(Use this document to determine student level/class)

Mondays, 1/11-3/8, 3:45-4:45 pm
No class on 1/18, 1/25 & 2/15
Session cost: $80/student

From Vendor: 

Chess Wizards is a premier chess education company providing fun, informative and challenging chess lessons to students. We believe strongly that education should be fun and exciting. Since our first classes in 2002, our Chess Wizards have inspired thousands of children across the United States and Canada to think logically, solve problems, win graciously, and learn from defeat. Our academy is so successful because our approach is so unique. Classes and lessons are based around our original, fun, and high-energy Chess Wizards curriculum. Regardless of a child’s ability Chess Wizards makes chess fun for all!