On demand ordering, ship to home, open all year long. 
Sales will be advertised so you don't miss it.

Kick off the school year with some new Canyon Creek spirit wear! Our prior vendor wasn't available this summer to get our spirit wear for us this year, so we decided to try a different approach. We are working with a vendor who will print the shirts for us and ship direct to you.

There are TONS of options in youth and adult sizes (up to 5XL). Students can show their personality and style with the designs THEY prefer, not just what we come up with for a given year.

Check out our spirit wear store!

How does it work? 

  • It works like normal online ordering! Place an order, it will ship to your home.
  • There will be frequent sales and we will share those here as well as on Facebook!
  • Normal shipping fee is FREE for orders over $100. You can definitely group your order with friends to get the free shipping!
  • Variety of options for all sizes - even some non-Canyon Creek merchandise for gifts.
  • Bonus: 10% of sales (after shipping & discounts) will be donated to Canyon Creek PTA!

Discount Sale Status

Orders placed week of December 5th are guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas or they are free. 

Check out our spirit wear store!