Canyon Creek Staff Favorites

Wondering what your teacher or favorite staff member REALLY likes? Look no further! Click their name below and see their favorites directly from them!

Update as of November 29, 2022:

We do realize some staff are missing from this list. However, we are up to 74 staff members (out of 106) represented here!!

  • Staff with an asterisk have an OLD scanned paper form available from a few years ago. The goal is to replace ALL of these with an updated online version.

All staff has been sent the form and we will update this page as we get more responses.

- A -  - B -  - C -  - D - 
Ahn, Lisa Barton, Melissa* Caeton, Danielle D'Entremont, Dylan
Axtell, Ranee Baeskens, Betsy Casper, Heather Deer, Christy
  Bhatt, Bela Cook, Shannon* Dickinson, Hannah
  Boehm, Bekah   Doyle, Brandi
  Brandt, Cheryl    
  Brinson, Miteka    
  Brown, Kate    
  Burkett, Joanne    
- E -  - F - - G -  - H -
Eckhart, Emily Fiser, Krista Gonzalez, Katelyn Hall, Annie
  Forsman, Lindsay Goodspeed, Molly Hall, Roxie
    Graff, Bob Hart, Chrissy
    Gray, Elliot Hart, Sara
      Helito, Karen*
      Henderson, Jeremiah
      Hodgson, Christina
      Hollingsworth, Taylor*
      Hunter, Katie*
- I - - J - - K -  - L - 
Inks, Chad Jaenson, Terri* Ka'ai, Joleen* Larsen, Nikoline
  Johnson, Sheridan Kieffer, Lisa* Larson, Salina
  Johnson, Stefani   Lindley, Serena
- M -  - N -  - P -  - R - 
Mahoney, Erica Neubauer, Megan Powers, Laurie Rettig, Jeff
Martin, Robyn Nuss, Clare   Riach, Channing*
Masterson, Peggy     Rich, Talia
McCulloch, Winnie      
McDonnell, Erin*      
McFarlane, Cheryl     Roufs, Trina
McGrew, Kara      
McLain, Leah      
Memon, Sumaira      
- S - - T -  - V -  - W - 
Salter, Rene Taheri, Barby Vagt, Kate Weinstein, Jaime
Sliva, Makenzie Thielen, Nancy* Valint, Bethany Wong, Marie
Slywka, Gretchen   Vancour, Michelle Woo, Angel
Springsteen, Linda   Vaughan, Tina  
Svee, Traci   Verma, Sue  


rev. 4/21/2022