National PTA Reflections Art Competition, 2023-2024

"I Am Hopeful Because"

The Reflections Program is a National PTA and Washington State PTA cultural arts competition. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works.


And the winners are...

We are so thankful to have such talented and creative students at Canyon Creek Elementary.  This year's submissions for the National PTA Reflections Art Competition were inspiring. 

The students moving on to the Council Level are:

Caroline Antone
Logan Burch
Amarissa Chandra
Bessie Jiang
Prithvi Mody
Ethan Zhang
Dhanya Haritham
Jordan Schauf
Meera Sankar
Ayush Rao
Neel Busi
Shrvya Shah
Aria Poonater
Karis Kim
Kala Balasubramanian
Bessie Jiang
Isaac Antone 
Owee M Diwan
Dhiya Sankar
Adharva Balaji
Alyson Gao

The students who have moved on from Council to State are:

Visual Arts: 
Alyson Gao, 1st grade
Dhiya Sankar, 2nd grade
Bessie Jiang, 3rd grade
Neel Busi, 4th grade
Ethan Zhang, 5th grade
Ayush Rao, 5th grade
Dance Choreography:
Caroline Antone, 5th grade
A big congrats to the artists!  Creating something and submitting it is a big win.  Moving on to council is fantastic.  And best of luck for those moving on to represent our school at the State level.  We are so proud of all of you!


Deadline for submissions is EXTENDED TO Monday, November 27th, 2023

Upload your submissions here

Students of all ages and abilities may participate and explore the arts based on the 2023-24 theme:

 image of flowers with the PTA reflections theme "I am hopeful because"

You can watch this video to learn more

thumbnail of youtube video on PTA website, with link

You can view last year’s 33 entries here! 


How to Participate &

Learn More About Reflections





  • Visual Arts (2D)
  • Photography
  • Music Composition
  • Literature
  • Film Production
  • Dance Choreography


  • Primary: PreK-Grade 2
  • Intermediate: Grade 3-5
  • Middle School: Grade 6-8
  • High School: Grade 9-12
  • Special Artist





Canyon Creek -> District (Northshore) -> Washington State PTA -> National PTA


Introduction to Reflections

Watch a brief video about the Reflections program!

For cultivating student inspiration...


Rule Highlights

  • Each entry must be the original work of one student only.
  • An adult may not alter the creative integrity of a student’s work (except for the special artist category).
  • Each entry must have a title and an artist statement. The artist Statement must be at least 1 sentence and no more then 100 words. In the artist statement, students should tell us about their work and what it means to them.
    • How does your work relate to the theme?
    • What is your personal connection to the theme?
    • What did you use to create your work (e.g. supplies, technology, instruments, props, etc.)? 
    • What/Who was your inspiration?
  • Entries are judged by local artists. Student names are hidden for judging. 
  • Students may only submit one work per category, however they can submit an entry for as many categories as they'd like.

The Special Artist division is an option for students with disabilities who receive services under IDEA or ADA: Section 504 to have the opportunity and accommodations they may need in order to participate fully in the program. The Special Artist Division offers modified rules and guidelines to ensure that every student has the chance to be part of the National PTA Reflections® program. Download the Special Artist Rules/Guidelines.


How to Participate

Take inspiration from this year's theme, "I am hopeful because.." and create! Then complete an entry form for each submission:

  • Reflections 2023-24 General Rules and Entry Form ** Printed forms will also be available in the school's main office. Download this entry form to participate.  Once you have the form completed it, submit it and the artwork using this form.

In addition to the general Reflections rules included in the entry packet above, there are also rules specific to each category.

Make sure to review the competition guidelines for each of the art categories:

  • 2023-24 Dance Choreography Rules
  • 2023-24 Film Production Rules
  • 2023-24 Literature Rules
  • 2023-24 Music Composition Rules
  • 2023-24 Photography Rules
  • 2023-24 Visual Arts Rules


Student Entry Form and submission form - Deadline for submissions is Friday, November 17th 2023.

Submission Guidelines

ALL Reflections entries will be submitted using this form. 

  • Dance Choreography
  • Film Production
  • Literature
  • Music Composition
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts (2D & 3D) will need to be uploaded to Google form AND turned in at the school office.Incase you are having trouble uploading the entry,please email us at



Please contact the Reflections Chairs: Foram Shah and Gomathi Sarma ( with any questions about this program or how it works!

Updated: 8/18/2023


Search for Next Year's Theme

Along with submitting a project for this year, you can also help choose the Reflections theme for next year.  And win a $100 prize! Keep reading to learn more.

National PTA is seeking a theme for the 2025-2026 Reflections Program Year. 

Washington students at schools with an active PTA/PTSA may submit their theme ideas (with parent/guardian authorization) via this form. The Washington State PTA Programs Committee will select a top 5 to submit to National PTA. The top 5 will be announced in November after the submission deadline.

Opens: Aug 1 2023 12:00 AM (PDT)

Deadline: Nov 1 2023 12:00 PM (PDT)

The student who submits the ultimate winning entry will receive $100 and have their theme presented at the National PTA Convention in 2024.

Please review the past themes listed here, as repeat themes will not be considered. Please direct any questions to

The submission form, accessible via this link,green button to the right of the linked page, it requires the entrant to create an account with SM Apply. The form itself should take about 5 minutes to complete.

Here's a brief summary of what you will find on the application form, to assist with your preparation:

  • Student Name
  • Student's Theme Idea
  • Student Address
  • Student's School
  • Parent/Guardian Contact Info
  • Local PTA Name (if different from school name)