Let's Make the 2022-23 School Year Amazing!

Spring is just around the corner, and we have some amazing club and event opportunities that we want to see happen for our students.  But we need YOU to make that possible.  ANYONE can be a volunteer!  It doesn't take much time, but it makes all the difference to our kids.  We need help with our STEM Fair, Multicultural Day, Glow Dance and After School Enrichment.


We also have LOTS of new families joining Canyon Creek for the EAP program - and we would LOVE to get those families involved in our PTA and community! The more volunteers we have, the more amazing programs/events we can have and the more cohesive and robust community we can build. 

Looking for events you can just help with? Check out our Available Volunteer Signups page!

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We will contact you and discuss what might be the best fit.

Elected Board Positions:

  • None at this time


  • Fundraising: Take on the development and implementation of new fundraising opportunities. This is a great opportunity for a group of individuals! This could be an auction, bingo night, carnival, or other ideas! Great opportunity to get a committee together to come up with ideas.

School Spirit / Community:

  • Special Education Representative: Serve as a liaison between PTA and our community's special needs families and teachers. Keep abreast of district and state initiatives, programs, and events of potential interest to the Special Ed community. Work with other Special Ed. Reps from across the district and Northshore PTSA Council.
  • Sustainability: Work with Canyon Creek staff/students to help keep and increase the school's Green Status (recycling program, etc). Also, provide communications with ideas to share with students & families about how to live sustainably and help the earth. During the school day work.

School Staff Support:

  • Emergency Prep Liaison: Act as PTA liaison to the staff e-prep coordinator and assist in inventorying, organizing, and maintaining Canyon Creek Elementary's emergency supplies.
  • Student Council Liaison: Act as PTA liaison to Canyon Creek's Student Council, supporting their community outreach efforts and assisting the staff advisor as needed. Share information with exec board and communications about what we can do to help the Student Council. You might help with the logistics of events like food/clothing drives, etc. Ideally would attend Student Council meetings (usually either right before the school day or during the school day), take notes about how help them - and also bring PTA event updates that apply to students so they can share with their respective classes.

Feel free to read our Volunteer FAQ page to help answer questions about PTA volunteering!!

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For more information about opportunities, please submit our volunteer interest form and someone will be in touch to discuss your ideas. We LOVE seeing new people get involved in helping Canyon Creek PTA fulfill our mission & goals!