Our Art Docent Chairs would love to have more help to coordinate this program.

If you are interested in talking about it, sign up here or please contact Jessica, Christine and Loan at art@canyoncreekpta.org

Already an art docent?
Download this PDF for details and resources to help you throughout the year.

As an art docent, you will help students gain an appreciation for art. We will help to train you and there is a pre-planned curriculum at your disposal. You do not have to be an art scholar or renowned artist; anyone can do this! 

We're still figuring out how to best run art docent lessons for our classrooms. This district has put together a strong and more modern curriculum with great artists, artworks, lesson guides, as well as strong and appropriate suggested art projects.

Art Docent Information- https://www.nsd.org/get-involved/volunteer/art-docent-program/families

Did you know that our schools don’t provide art teachers due to budget constraints? 

To ensure there is still art in our school, our PTA provides art lessons in every classroom through the Art Docent program! Isn't that amazing!?!

We rely on MANY volunteers to keep the program running. Volunteering to teach art is a great way to get into the (actual or virtual) classroom and support art in our schools.

What is an Art Docent?

An Art Docent is a volunteer who takes art into a classroom at Canyon Creek Elementary.

The Art Docents can be one person, two people or a team working together for each class. Historically, the Art Docents provide an art project about once a month. During remote learning, Art Docents will work with teachers to figure out frequency and best time to provide an art lesson.

You Do NOT Have to Be An Artist or a Teacher!!!

Art docents are given online access to an Northshore School District art portal full of lessons, guidelines and tips. Until NSD allows in person volunteers in the classroom, docents will be provided with pre-made slideshows of the art lessons (through the art portal) to use through Zoom. 

There are also plenty of other resources, including the art docent coordinator and a myriad of experienced docents ready and willing to help.

In past years, at the end of the year, the entire team of Art Docents puts on our annual Art Gala. This is an evening viewing where two items from every student are put on display for Canyon Creek families to enjoy. To adapt to our remote learning model, we may do a Virtual Gala to showcase and celebrate the students art.

More detailed information about the program can be found here:

How Do I Sign Up? ******* SIGN UP HERE!! 

If you are interested in helping out with this program (or learning more), it is NEVER too late!

You can sign up here, scan the QR code below or reach out to our Art Docent Team, and they can help you find an opportunity that will work!

2023-2024 Art Docent Coordinator:

Coordinators: Jessica Shaffner, Christine Hansen, and Loan Mosescu

Contact email: art@canyoncreekpta.org