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Math Challenge!


Math Tournament Update!

We are excited to announce that PTA of the Canyon Creek Elementary School will host the 2024 National Math Challenge Tournament (MCT) in-person at the school’s library on April 19 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. General information about the 2024 National Math Challenge Tournament (intro, format, awards, etc.) can be found here: We will communicate details on how to register for the coming MCT separately soon.


What is the Math Challenge Program?

Not sure what this program is about? Please check out our "What is the Math Challenge" page!


How can my student participate in the Math Challenge Program?

Our school has its own page on the website, where we will have instructions, our CHALLENGE & SOLUTIONS schedule, and links to the current CHALLENGE and the previous week’s SOLUTIONS.

  • Access the current challenge from our page (click blue button). You have until the next challenge date to complete it.
  • The solutions will be posted along with the next challenge on our page (click blue button), following the school’s challenge schedule.
  • A Google Form will be used to track participation. Parents will correct the challenge using the solution released and submit results by filling out a Google Form. (See schedule for links to Google Forms.) 
    • Privacy Note: If you prefer to NOT have your student's name included on our website Wall of Fame, please do not enter their name on the Google Form, but still submit all the other information so we can see how many students are participating in each class and/or grade!
  • All students who participate will be recognized on our Math Challenge “Wall of Fame”. (Will be updated after each challenge is complete.)
  • All students who participate in 9 or more challenges will receive a certificate at the end of the year. We also recognize the classroom with the most participation each challenge.

View (and/or print) Math Challenge Schedule (pdf)Also included at the bottom of this page.


Sign up for Math Challenge Email Reminders!

Register for email updates when each Math Challenge is released (Fridays at 7pm) using this form. This Math Challenge email will have easy links for each part of the Math Challenge process!!


Math Challenge Schedule and Submission Links


Schedule of math challenge dates

MC 1 Submission Link
MC 2 Submission Link
MC 3 Submission Link
MC 4 Submission Link
MC 5 Submission Link
MC 6 Submission Link
MC 7 Submission Link
MC 8 Submission Link
MC 9 Submission Link
MC 10 Submission Link
MC 11 Submission Link
MC 12 Submission Link
MC 13 Submission Link
MC 14 Submission Link
MC 15 Submission Link


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