Column Art Project!


We want our school to be a welcoming, inclusive space for our students and families. Canyon Creek PTA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee is partnering with Canyon Creek Elementary to start a Column Art Project!

The first part of the Column Art Project will start with the idea of “welcome” in mind. How many ways can we say WELCOME in other languages? That is what we are seeking. We want our Canyon Creek families to create artwork with the word WELCOME in another language.

DEADLINE for all artwork submissions is Friday, June 18th. We would LOVE to see more art come in! We are accepting artwork until end of July

Artwork Requirements:

We have a few requirements, but we are encouraging YOU and your family to be creative and put your own touch on your artwork (see below for inspiration on designs for the background of your artwork). 

Here are the guidelines*:

  • Must use a 4” or 5” diameter circle- You can find templates here:  4" template or 5" template
  • Please only use heavy card stock or thick fabric.  If you need card stock, please contact Melanie McKenzie to arrange for card stock delivery.
  • Must be ORIGINAL artwork.
  • Please ONLY use these for drawing mediums: crayons, pastels, paint markers, acrylic paints, or acrylic paint markers. PLEASE NO SHARPIES.
  • Under the word welcome in another language, please write the language it is written in (see below example)

Some examples of circle art pieces (without the welcome words): This can be used as inspiration for the background designs. 


Submitting Artwork:

With the current restrictions due to COVID-19, we will be collecting the circles and a few of us will be placing them on the columns towards the entrance of the school (near the office).  

When you have completed your WELCOME design, please email Melanie McKenzie to arrange for hand off.

DEADLINE for all artwork is Friday, June 18th Saturday, July 31st! We can’t wait to see them!

*Disclaimer: We can only use artwork that follows the above guidelines. All artwork that does not follow the above guidelines will be returned.