PTA Advocacy & Legislation

Washington State PTA is the largest volunteer association in the state, with more than 140,000 members in 920 local units. Our vision? Make every child's potential a reality. We will do that by being a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and a strong advocate for the well-being and education of every child.


Local Advocacy Representatives

Canyon Creek Elementary: *open*

Northshore Council: Diana Christiansen

Region 6: Heidi Bennett

Washington State PTA: Sherry Rudolph

Let your state legislators know how important funding our children’s education is to you via emails and/or phone calls!  Click HERE to go to the Washington State Legislative page for contacts.


PTA Advocacy 101

What is advocacy? Advocacy for the PTA is supporting and speaking up for children, families, and schools! 

Have You Ever...

  • Helped spread the word about something a classroom or school needs?
  • Invited others to an event at school or in the community that might benefit them?
  • Met with school leaders to discuss a topic of importance to the district?
  • Attended a school board meeting and/or serve on the school board?
  • Sent a message to your members of Congress?
  • Encouraged someone to vote in an election?
  • Joined and/ or supported PTA?

All of these actions and many others are Advocacy!

(Source: Northshore Council PTSA Blog 8/21/2020)


2020-2022 Legislative Platform

Top Five Legislative Priorities

  1. Increase Access to Nursing, Mental Health, and Social Emotional Learning Staff
  2. Support Students and Preserve Education Funding
  3. Increasing Educations Equity by Closing the Digital Divide
  4. Supports and Funding for Students with Disabilities and Their Families
  5. Prevent and Reduce Gun Violence and Suicide

Also Supported (listed alphabetically)

  • Equitable Identification and Services for Highly Capable Students
  • Mitigating the Adverse Impacts of Climate Change
  • Safe School Plans and Emergency Preparedness

(More details on each of the Top Five Legislative Priorities and Supported Issues above.)



Find the complete list of Resolutions here.


Update From Legislative Chair


Helpful Advocacy Links

Washington State PTA Advocacy Site
National PTA Advocacy Site and Policy Agenda
National PTA Advocacy Toolkit

Get legislative news and keep up on WSPTA’s advocacy through their Grassroots Connection blog. You can sign up for email updates at the blog site!


Voter Registration

Are you registered for the next election? Register to vote with the Washington Secretary of State here.