2021-22 Reflections

Northshore Council PTSA

Judging Results

The latest Reflections updates come from Northshore Council PTSA. Council Reflections judges selected two Canyon Creek entries to advance to State level adjudication. They also awarded three Canyon Creek entries their Judge's Choice award.

Advancing to State Level Adjudication 

Caroline A - 3rd Grade, Category: Dance

Shrvya S - 1st Grade, Category: Visual Arts

Northshore Council PTSA Judge's Choice Awards

Aryan S - 4th Grade, Category: Music

Sneha S - 4th Grade, Category: Film

Anshi S - 5th Grade, Category: Photography


Congratulations to all five student artists.
We are so proud of your work!


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Thank you!

Thanks to the Northshore Council PTSA judges.



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