Meet our Nominating Committee

At our PTA General Membership Meeting on Tuesday, January 18th, our PTA Membership elected our Nominating Committee! Thanks for our three volunteer Nominating Committee members!

Barby Taheri
Nancy Tangen
Patty Buchanan

What Does the Nominating Committee Do?

What: The elected positions of our PTA (President, Vice President: Programs, Vice President: Communications, Secretary and Treasurer) are up for reelection each year. The nominating committee plays a very important role in the success and longevity of our PTA. It is their job to recruit qualified and dedicated volunteers to fill the next year's elected positions of our PTA. Find descriptions of each elected role.

Who: The committee consists of three (3) volunteers who have been a member of our PTA for at least 15 days prior to their election as part of the Nominating Committee. As a member of the committee, they are NOT required to run for an elected position, but they can if they want! No experience is necessary. All information on how to accomplish the task will be provided - including a detailed and easy to follow handbook from WSPTA.

Contact our Nominating Committee

if you are interested in learning more about any of the executive board positions, please reach out to our Nominating Committee.