Our PTA has set a membership goal of 300 members!

Please consider becoming a part of our completely volunteer, non-profit organization focused on our KIDS!


We have confidential scholarships available to join Canyon Creek PTA.
Please contact our Membership Chair to request one.


Incentive Drawings!


Prizes & Drawing Dates

-- Monday, September 14th @ PTA Board Meeting, 7pm via Zoom --
Winner will receive choice of spiritwear item (hoodies not included).
WINNER: Mike Tangen

-- Tuesday, September 29th @ 7pm --
Winner will receive choice of spiritwear item (hoodies not included).
WINNER: Brian Haseleu

-- Thursday, October 1st --
Bonus drawing if we reach 225 members by midnight on September 30th!
As of 9/25, we have 27 members to go to reach this milestone!

Winner will receive choice of spiritwear item (hoodies not included).
We ended September with 206 members - still great - but we did not meet this goal.

-- Tuesday, November 3rd @ PTA Board Meeting, 7pm via Zoom --
Winner will receive a large pizza delivered (date and toppings coordinated with PTA board member).
WINNER: Jamie Beadnell -- Congratulations!


How does it work?

To encourage PTA memberships, we are implementing an incentive program for our Fall Membership Drive!

  • We will have at least three drawings.
  • Every 2020-21 Canyon Creek PTA member will be included in each drawing.
    • Online memberships submitted by 5pm on the day of the meeting (or by deadline listed) will be included.

    • Mail in membership forms must be received by the day BEFORE the drawing to be counted. 

  • Winners will be drawn at PTA meetings (detailed above) unless otherwise stated.
  • You need NOT be present to win.
  • Winners will be contacted via email if not present at the drawing (or through the school if needed).
  • Winners will be announced on our PTA website, in our PTA newsletter following each meeting, and on social media.
  • If a winner declines a prize, a follow-up drawing will be held as soon as possible with at least 3 executive PTA board members present. After the drawing, the new winner will be contacted as noted above - and then will be announced as noted above.
  • Prizes may be gifted to another Canyon Creek family and would need to be communicated to the PTA Membership Chair so we know to whom to provide the prize.


Become a member today!





Are you unsure if you are a 2020-21 Canyon Creek PTA Member? 
Members who joined on or after 7/1/2020 are considered members for this school year.
To confirm your membership, email our Membership Chair.

Do you have questions about our Incentive Program? 
Email our Membership Chair.

 Do you have questions about PTA?
Check out our PTA Membership FAQ or contact our Membership Chair.
Find out our current Membership Program Status.


Canyon Creek PTA - Membership Drive - Fall 2020