The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum join in paying tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve full citizenship in American societyBlack History Month, also known as National African American History Month, in February celebrates the contributions that African Americans have made to American history.
Black History Month is more than a celebration of selected achievements by a talented few. It is a time for families, students, educators, and historians to deeply examine pivotal moments of the African American experience. The historical impact of African Americans on the story of America is profound and ongoing – but it is within the study of this history that we become better equipped to wrestle with the challenges and opportunities around contemporary discussions of racism.
National African American History Month had its origins in 1915 when historian and author Dr. Carter G. Woodson founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. This organization is now known as the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (“ASALH”). Through this organization Dr. Woodson initiated the first Negro History Week in February 1926. Dr. Woodson selected the week in February that included the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, two key figures in the history of African Americans. You can learn more about the origin and history here.

Resources Online

During the month of February (or anytime) we hope you take some moments to look at these resources to help develop a better understanding of Black History Month.
  • Guide to Black History- To support the growing demand for knowledge of African American History, the National Archives has compiled a guide to black history records.  
  • Interested in connecting Black History Month to current events: Check this out.
  • Visit History Channel's Black History page for a plethora of information.
  • Coretta Scott King was an American author, activist, civil rights leader and wife of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In 1970, the American Library Association  began awarding a medal named after Coretta Scott King to outstanding African-American writers and illustrators of children's literature. Check out this list that goes from 1970-2020.

Local Resources

  • Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action February 1-5th, 2021.
    Join NSD for THREE incredible community events:
    • Tuesday, 2/2 11:30-12:30pm - Read aloud of "I am Every Good Thing" by Derrick Barnes and "The Undefeated" by Kwame Alexander. Books will be read by Woodmore Elementary Principal and librarian.
    • Thursday, 2/4 11:00-11:50am - Join Michael Bennett, former defensive player for the Seattle Seahawks as he discusses his journey and work. Students can pre-submit questions.
    • Friday, 2/5 5:00-6:00pm - Join various Northshore community members in a panel conversation about their experiences, what it means for Black lives at school and what it means to be unapologetic about speaking their truth.
  • Black History Month Trivia Night: In honor of Black History Month, YWCA's GenRising is hosting a night of virtual trivia on Wednesday, February 10 from 7–8 PM. This free event is open to all ages, and children are encouraged to attend. Registration required.
  • Seattle has a unique civil rights history that challenges the way we think about race, civil rights, and the Pacific Northwest. Start understanding Seattle's past by exploring The Seattle Civil Rights & Labor History Project.  
  • In February of 2018, Seattle made headline news for their Black Lives Matter Week of Action. Learn more about that event.

Supporting Black History Month and our school:

During the month of February, our DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee) will be hosting a Windows & Mirrors Book Drive in support and honor of Black History Month. ALL BOOKS PURCHASED WILL BENEFIT CANYON CREEK CLASSROOMS AND LIBRARY. 

Find more details about this book drive and how you can help.



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