2021-22 Math Challenge
Wrap Up!


The school year is almost over and the last Math Challenge is now complete!
We are thrilled with the student participation in this program.
Over the year, we have had 446 unique submissions from 89 students!
We are excited to wrap up the 4th year of our Math Challenge program at Canyon Creek,
and we would like to recognize all students who have submitted 10 or more challenges.
Here are the students who participated in 10 or more challenges this year!
Students who participated in 12 or more challenges (bolded) will receive a small gift and printed certificate.
(Students listed with teacher as of the beginning of the year.)


Student Teacher
Sage T Rettig
Samantha B Rettig
Sky M Rettig

Grade 1 

Student Teacher
Adeline M Lindley
Jayapradha S Caeton
Viaan S Axtell

Grade 2

Student Teacher
Deeya P Forsman
Dyuthi G Valint
Idhant T Valint
John B Hodgson
Prithvi M Rodgers


Grade 3 

Student Teacher
Amarissa C Rich
Eleanor M Nuss
Griffin T Nuss
Jordan S Mahoney
Max M Rich
Niyathi Deer
Willow T Nuss

Grade 4 

Student Teacher
Rian R Vancour
Sarabhesh S Weinstein


Grade 5 

Student Teacher
Mehar U Larson
Sachev K Larson
Satvik T Chidambaram
As the saying goes,
"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out" -Robert Collier
We are very proud of your consistency and hope that you had fun while completing the challenges.
Review the "Wall of Fame" for each of the 15 Math Challenges.

Thank you...

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year of Math Challenge a success - caregivers, siblings and teachers!
We were excited to see the continued participation this last year.
Thank you once again! Have a wonderful summer!
Le Zhang
Math Challenge Chair (2021-2022)