Canyon Creek Elementary School


Address / Phone / Fax:
21400 35th Ave. SE, Bothell, WA 98021  / 425.408.5700 (phone)  /  425.408.5702 (fax)

Attendance Line: 425.408.5710


School Hours:  

  • Drop-off: no earlier than 8:55 am
  • Start: 9:10 am
  • End:  3:40 pm (except Early Release Wednesdays)
  • Early Release Wednesday End: 2:10 pm (What days are early release?)


Office Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Principal: Bruce Denton, 425.408.5700

Assistant Principal: Ali Airhart, 425.408.5700

Office Manager: Sue Hanson, 425.408.5701

School Secretaries: Terri Jaenson, 425.408.5703; Lynnea Webb, 425.408.5740

Health Room: Susan Monette-Czarnecki, 425.408.5706


Did you know that Canyon Creek Elementary has a school song written by our very own Mrs. Bourne?
Well, we do and here it is:

Here is a place where I know I'm welcomed, challenged to learn and to try.
Here is a place where I know I'll find friends, greeting me as I walk by.
Canyon Creek is the school for me.
At Canyon Creek I can reach high!
Canyon Creek, raise your voices strong!
You can hear us now, our coyote howl!