Bingo Night Run Down!


Friday, March 8th

Doors open 6:00pm (5:30pm for PTA Members), Bingo & Raffle 6:30-8:30pm


North Creek High School Commons


New to our school? Haven't made it to Bingo Night before?
Here's a brief summary of what to expect. 

Before Bingo Night:


Collection of items for the Bingo Prize Baskets & Raffle

A prize is given for every bingo game - makes it very exciting and fun to play!
Also, there will be a collection of raffle baskets you can enter to win!
Help fill these baskets by donating items in the bin outside the main office by Friday, March 1st.

More about donating items.


Registration / Pre-Order Forms

Pre-Order forms will be sent home in mid-february and should be turned in by Wednesday, March 6th.
This is an opportunity to reserve your spots and order bingo cards, bingo daubers & pizza.
NO PURCHASE is necessary to reserve your spots - just fill out the top of the form and return.

All pre-orders must be paid for in advance by check made payable to "Canyon Creek PTA".

No outside food or drink is permitted.

*Something to think about:
If you don't want to order a whole pizza, think about finding someone to share with.
Pizza will be sold by the slice at the actual event - but will be VERY limited!!

Print form here, turn in with check at school.


PTA Member Bonus!!

PTA Members will be allowed early entry to the Bingo Night!
Instead of getting in at 6pm, PTA members get in at 5:30pm!
If you aren't a member, Join Today!

There are still CONFIDENTIAL scholarships available for PTA membership,
contact Membership Committee to request one.



 As with any great event, we are in need of volunteers to help with everything from setup and bingo caller,
to concession sales and cleanup. If you can help, please signup!

Sign Up Today!


Bingo Night:



Doors will open at 5:30pm for PTA members only.
Everyone else will be able to enter at 6:00pm.

When you arrive, you will check in and receive your packet with any bingo cards, pizza tickets, etc that you pre-ordered.
You will select a table and camp out - getting ready for the event!!

* Remember this is a FAMILY event, an adult must be with student(s) for the entire event. No drop off allowed.


For Purchase (at event)

* Everything has limited quantities. *

Bingo cards and daubers will be available for purchase.
Water, soda, & candy will be available for purchase. 

Pizza by the slice will be available for purchase but will be VERY limited so we highly recommend ordering in advance. 

(Plan ahead and order a pizza to share with another family, maybe?)

No outside food or drink is permitted.

*** Don't forget to get your raffle tickets too! ***


Bingo Time

Bingo will begin at 6:30pm.
For the actual Bingo games, the prize basket for each game will be announced prior to the game,
so you can decide if you want to play that round - and how many cards you want to play!!

Bingo numbers will be called until one (or more) "Bingo" is yelled - and confirmed.  
(Bingo is 5 numbers in a row, in a single line - either horizontal, vertical or diagonal thru the middle.)

In the case of multiple "Bingo"s for the same game, coin flip or random drawing will determine the winner.

NOTE: A family can only win ONE bingo prize basket!!



There will be a selection of raffle items available at the same time as the Bingo!
Make sure to bring cash or your checkbook to purchase raffle tickets.
Place the tickets in the collection bin for the raffle item(s) you want to win.

All proceeds will benefit the PTA (and the students).

* If you have ideas or items to donate to the raffle, contact the Bingo Committee!



If you have any questions about Bingo Night, feel free to email our awesome Bingo Committee!