Here is an introduction from our Staff Appreciation Committee:

We wanted to introduce ourselves and explain the Staff Appreciation Committee to those who don’t know what we do. We are two PTA members/moms who want to ensure the Canyon Creek Staff knows how much parents appreciate all that they do with our kids each day.

We are: 

  • Alyssa Koske, I have a Kindergarten son and a 2nd grade son at Canyon Creek.
  • Stephanie Dunning, I have a 1st grade daughter and 2nd grade daughter at Canyon Creek, a 6th grade son at Skyview Middle School and my oldest daughter is a senior at North Creek High School.

One of the best ways to our staff’s hearts is through food. We are going to be providing different meals and luxuries to our staff throughout the year. For many of our events, we ask for participation from our Canyon Creek community. We are given a small budget each year that goes primarily to supplies and occasional catered meals or treats. We try to get both full and partial donations from different places such as QFC, Fred Meyer, Safeway, Starbucks, Dairy Queen, etc. Most of the time when we do a meal we will send out a signup request for everyone interested to sign up and contribute. We will be posting the sign up link on our Canyon Creek PTA website, Facebook page and our PTA Coyote Howler newsletter.

If you have any questions please contact us at

Thank you,  Alyssa Koske and Stephanie Dunning


October Staff Appreciation event:

Our first community Staff Appreciation event will be on Thursday, October 24th. Football season is upon us so we are going with a CHILI theme!!

There are LOTS of types of chili:

  • "Traditional" Red or Green or White
  • Beans or NO beans
  • Vegetarian or meat (chicken, beef or turkey...shredded or ground...)

We would love for you to help us show our appreciation for our amazing staff, so feel free to sign up here. Please plan to have any contributions to the Staff Room by 9:30am on October 24th - to allow time for setup prior to the first lunch. See the signup for ideas of what kinds of items would be good to bring! (Find more info.)

Sign up to bring something for the Chili Lunch!