Is there an outstanding teacher or educator 

who goes the extra mile for students?


Do you know a volunteer who quietly contributes 
to Canyon Creek Elementary?


Take a moment to think about the people who might be good candidates for any of the local PTA awards.
Use the form below to confidentially nominate for the awards by Friday, April 5th.


- Awards and Descriptions -

Golden Acorn Award:

Recognizes an individual volunteer who has given outstanding volunteer service to all children in the school community. This acknowledges service by an individual "above and beyond" a particular job description.

Outstanding Educator Award:

Recognizes an individual educator who goes beyond the normal expectations of their jobs to make the learning environment fun, beneficial, and challenging for students.

Outstanding Advocate Award:

Recognizes an individual for continued and dedicated service to all children and a demonstrated commitment to helping create strong policies relating to the health, welfare, safety, and education of children and youth.

Lifetime Membership Award:
The purpose of the Honorary Lifetime Membership award is to recognize an individual who has contributed significantly to a PTA at the local unit, council, or state level. This award can be given by a PTA unit, council, or region.

 - Nominating Process -

(1) Print and return a completed form to the Awards Committee via:

Email to the Awards Committee.
Drop by the main office.
Give to a teacher.


(2) Submit the form online below

link to online form


Award nominations are due on Friday, April 5th.



Contact the Awards Committee.

Awards Committee Members:
Jennifer Herrman (chair), Robin Zaback, Alyssa Koske, Melissa Barton & Elliot Gray.