What Happened at Legislative Assembly?

What an engaging and enriching weekend in Bellevue, as delegates from across the state attended the 41st Annual WSPTA Legislative Assembly to learn, collaborate, debate, and ultimately vote on a variety of legislative principles, issues, and resolutions.

In 2018, our two-year legislative platform for 2019-2020 was set and advocacy and legislative work began for the top 5 priorities:

  • Social Emotional Learning
  • School Construction and Simple Majority Bonds
  • Prevent Gun Violence
  • Strategies to Address the Teacher Shortage
  • Strategic K-12 Investment to Close Gaps

Since we are in a year of continuing our advocacy and legislative work for the 5 mentioned priorities, the main focus for this legislative assembly was to amend current resolutions/principles/issues and to debate and vote on new issues and principles.

Attendees debated and voted on one amended and one new principle, one amended and one new issue, and 15 amended and four new resolutions.

It was a highly productive and successful weekend. Thank you to Barby Taheri, Mumtaz Zimablist, Robin Zaback, Jennifer Snyder, and Melanie McKenzie for attending and using their PTA powers to make WSPTA a stronger and more powerful voice. 


What is a legislative principle for WSPTA? These are long-term positions of WSPTA. They identify issues the association wishes to address. Often a legislative bill will address a legislative principle, but not solve the entire issue.

What is a legislative issue for WSPTA? The top 5 issues become the Legislative Priorities for a two-year cycle.  Other issues are on the supported list for legislative advocacy.

What is a resolution for WSPTA? Resolutions guide our advocacy work from the local to the state level. They may be amended and updated, or retired, and are usually broader in scope than legislative issues. Resolutions are a resource that can be cited by members, the board, committees and staff to represent association positions 

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Northshore Council Wrap-Up with MORE Details!

If you just want more details about the Legislative Assembly, check out the Northshore Council summary!

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Legislative Assembly is over, but advocacy is ongoing!

Here are three things you can do to stay engaged in PTA advocacy:

  1. Make sure you are signed up for advocacy information and action alerts through the WSPTA Action Network Group.
  2. Come to the Northshore Council membership meeting and training on How to Use WSPTA Positions for Local Advocacy
  3. Mark your calendar now for Focus Day: January 20, 2020, a day of advocacy in Olympia. Need a ride? Let us know that you want to join Northshore Council’s Focus Day Transportation.