We hope you enjoyed the Art Gala on Friday, May 3rd!

It was an inspiring evening with so many great class art collections to view.
Created by all of the students at Canyon Creek - as well as some from the talented staff!

We got to view the Reflections submissions from our Canyon Creek artists,
hopefully inspiring more students to participate in the program next year!
NOTE: Next year's theme is "Look Within"!

We also enjoyed listening to our wonderful 5th grade marimba band -
always fun to hear their upbeat music offerings.





Thank you...

There are so many who helped get this event together, and we would like to thank them!

ALL of the art docent volunteers who have given time all year
to go into classrooms and teach our students about art!
And for putting up their class' art at the Art Gala!!

Alefiya Deards

Alyssa Koske

Amber Aexad

Andrea Bruns

Andrea Wojcik

Angela Hacker

Anna Baker

Ashley Dill

Aura Cahoon

Barby Taheri

Bridget Callahan

Casey Dwyer

Chitkala Seshasankaran

Christine Hansen

Cindy McKenna

Courtney Carr

Crysta Burch

Crystal Fry

Dhara Rajagopalan

Drema Cooper

Elesha Ostrander

Emily Cross

Faye Heng

Gregg Kramer

Hajra Ahzar

Han Wexler

Heather Danz

Heather McQuade

Janet Vickers

Jas Kaur

Jason Moon

Jason Uslan

Jenny Herbison

Jessica Malm

Jodie McClure

Julie Kerr

Karen DeMercer

Krise Swallom

Laura Striker

LeeAnne Thibodeaux

Lital Tenami

Loan Mosescu

Maria Allen

Megan Madsen

Megan Mullins

Melanie McKenzie

Melissa Kline

Miwako Farr

Nancy Tangen

Rachel Uslan

Ranee Axtell

Robert Hopper

Robin Zaback

Samira Emami

Sangeetha Irava

Sarah Sloan

Sarika Makadia

Sateesha Iuamaduyu

Shaylin Peterson

Shea Johnson

Stephanie Dunning

Stephen Snyder

Susan Morgan

Svitlana Hebert

Teagen Hagen

Tina Banerjee

Tomoko Kodukula

Valeria Derleth

Yolanda Garcia


Mr. Gray & the 5th grade marimba band - for two wonderful performances!

PE Teachers - Mr. Mayberry, Ms. Daniel & Ms. Stanich - for loaning us the gym for TWO whole days to setup
and allow classes to view all the art displays during the school day.

Reflections Chair - Colette Puoci - for coordinating and getting the Reflections submissions
ready for display at the gala and for all the work on the Reflections program throughout the year!

Last but NOT least, our fantastic Art Docent Chairs -
Courtney Carr, Karen DeMercer, Elesha Ostrander & Melissa Kline
for doing all the things necessary to make the Art Docent program and Art Gala so amazing!