Canyon Creek PTA

2021-22 Membership Program Status

Membership is important to our non-profit organization for many reasons. For one, it's a sign that we are doing something that people want to stand behind and support! Membership also represents the voice we have at the school, district, council, state and national levels. Becoming a member does NOT require any commitment to volunteer or attend meetings! 

Here's an update of our Membership Status as May 25th, 2022:

  • Membership Goals: 300 members and 100% Staff Membership 
    • As of 5/25/2022, we have 325 members.  WOOHOO!!!
      • We have hit our member goal for the year!! But let's see HOW HIGH we can go!! (See award details below.)
    • For Staff Membership, we have reached the goal of 100% staff membership (based on # of full-time certificated employees we have at our school).
  • Gifts of Membership/Scholarships 
    • PARENTS/GUARDIANS/CAREGIVERS/STAFF: We have scholarships available. Please spread the word. We don't want cost to be a barrier to obtaining membership.
    • Fill out Scholarship Request Form (google form) OR contact our Membership Committee,, to request - and that's it, you are a member!!
  • Become a Member
  • Membership Cards
    • Your membership cards should arrive in email within a couple weeks of signing up.
  • WSPTA Membership Awards
    • Washington State PTA give awards to PTAs based on their growth in the current school year compared to the prior school year. We have received FIVE (5) awards so far, because of our amazing school and community!
      • ☑️  Bronze Membership Growth Award: at least 1 more than last year's membership total
      • ☑️  Silver Membership Growth Award: 105% of total members last year
      • ☑️  Gold Membership Growth Award: 110% of total members last year
      • ☑️  Platinum Membership Grown Award: 120% of total members last year
      • ☑️ 100% Staff Membership Award: To receive this award, a PTA must have at least as many Staff Membership as there are full-time certificated employees at the school.
      • 100% PTA Membership Award: This is the ultimate PTA award. To receive this award, a PTA must have at least as many members as there are full-time enrolled students at the school!


For those who want to join our PTA, we are thrilled to have you! 

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Questions? Please feel free to reach out to our Membership Chairs


2021-22 Membership Campaigns

2021-22 Winter Membership Campaign
"Let's Keep Growing!"

Membership Drawing: February 1st, 2022

for $25 Amazon Gift Card!

All 2021-22 Canyon Creek PTA members will be eligible.

The lucky winner is Jennifer (Jenny) Herbison, who took home the $25 Amazon Gift Card. 

Learn more.


2021-22 Fall Membership Campaign
"Have a Ball with PTA!"


Membership Drawing: Monday, November 1st, 2021

All 2021-22 Canyon Creek PTA members will be eligible.

The lucky winner was Sam Nguyen, who took home the Family Fun Pizza & Treats Gift Basket. 

Learn more.


Updated 3/22/2022