WSPTA Legislative Assembly - RECAP

Along with over 350 members from across Washington, three voting delegates represented Canyon Creek PTA at the virtual WSPTA Legislative Assembly on Saturday & Sunday, October 23rd & 24th. Thank you to Karen Smith, Jenn Pengelly, and Jenn Snyder for spending their weekend adding their voice & vote in determining the legislative priorities of WSPTA in advocating for all children.

Three new resolutions and two amended resolutions were approved.

New resolutions:

  1. Improving Literacy and Educational Outcomes (18.42) - adopted
  2. Increasing Access and Affordability of Post-Secondary Education (18.43) - adopted as amended
  3. Improving Outcomes for Children and Youth in Highly Mobile Populations (2.27) - adopted as amended

Amended resolutions:

  1. School Construction Bond Reform (18.20) - amendments adopted
  2. Student Assessment and Testing (18.13) - amendments adopted

The WSPTA Resolutions webpage has been updated with the titles of the new resolutions and are identifiable as *new* or *amended* or *retired*.