Canyon Creek PTA Welcomes New Families to our School!

We are so excited to welcome all the new families!!
Whether you are coming because you moved to the area, joining EAP program, or entering Kindergarten,
we are excited to meet you and welcome you to our community.

Canyon Creek Elementary hosted a welcome webinar for new families!

View recorded webinar.

Here are some ways to stay informed and get involved:


Newsletter & Reminders

We send weekly newsletters throughout the school year and
send text reminders to help know when things are happening!

Please feel free to fill out this google form to be setup to receive our
Newsletter (email address) and/or Reminder via REMIND (phone number for text reminders).

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Join our "Canyon Creek Elementary - New Families" Facebook group!
This group is intended for any NEW families to Canyon Creek Elementary.

Like our Canyon Creek PTA Facebook page for communication about what is happening all year long!


Incoming Kindergarten Families

Check out our Kindergarten Playdates article to learn about these fun events
specifically held for incoming kindergarteners and their families.

Join our "Canyon Creek PTA: Kindergarten Playdates 2021" Facebook group!
This group is intended for 2021-22 kindergarten families who are interested in attending our summer playdates,
or want to connect with other kindergarten families.


SPED Families

We have an OPEN position for Special Education (SPED) Representative on our PTA. 
If you are interested in this position (or learning more about it), 
please fill out this Volunteer Interest Google form and we will reach out to discuss! 


EAP Families

We have an Elementary Advance Placement (EAP) Representative on our PTA,
and she is available to answer questions and offer support!
This includes those who are HiCap in single subject, interested in testing, etc!!

Contact Carson Sanderson at


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Welcome to Canyon Creek...

Check out the PTA contributions to welcome everyone to Canyon Creek!


Bottle Cap Art Installation

In the 2018-19 school year, this art installation was requested by
Canyon Creek Elementary in honor of their 40th Anniversary.
You can find it on the side of the school facing the driveway & main parking lot!

Canyon Creek community supplied the caps, students placed the caps and
Canyon Creek PTA supplied the materials and support for creating this beautiful addition to our school!!


Coyotes "I am Kind, I am Safe, I am a Learner" Mural

In the 2015-16 school year, this art installation was requested by
Canyon Creek Elementary and commissioned by Canyon Creek PTA.
Former Canyon Creek parent, Jeana Schroeder, created this lovely mural
with the school motto "I am kind, I am safe, I am a learner".

You can find it on the side of the school facing the driveway & main parking lot!