HUGE THANK YOU to our volunteers who helped in the library weekly!
They helped classes during their library time by checking in books,
shelving books and checking new books out for students.

CaryAnn Anderson
Tara Anderson
Radhika Bhartia
Kamna Bhatia
Krista Chmielewski
Archana Diwan
Krista Ehlers
Nega Gar
Elizabeth Goodman
Teagan Hagen
Jeff Jensen
Alyssa Koske
Kelsey Kraupa
Lucia Kurniawan
Michelle Lee
Naomi Leigh
Lili Li
Bria Lefeuvre
Laurie Moody
Loan Mosescu
Lisa Murray
Caihua Murfield
Kristin Nagy
Trupti Rao
Sarah Richards
Carson Sanderson
Muthudevi Saravanakumar
Rachel Stagnaro
Daisy Tan
Anna Tang
Jasvir Thind
Nicole Trimble
And extra special thanks to our Library Chair, Erica Hebert,
for organizing our library helpers and working with the librarians to make sure they had the help they needed.