Meet our Staff Appreciation Committee!

We wanted to introduce ourselves and explain the Staff Appreciation Committee to those who don’t know what we do. We are two PTA members/moms who want to ensure the Canyon Creek Staff knows how much our community appreciates all that they do for and with our kids each day.

We are: 

  • Alyssa Koske, I have two boys at Canyon Creek, a 5th grader and a 3rd grader. 

  • Lisa Murray, I have two girls at Canyon Creek, a 1st grader and a 3rd grader.

One of the best ways to our staff’s hearts is through food. We are going to be providing different meals, treats and little items to our staff throughout the year. For many of our events, we ask for participation from our Canyon Creek community. We are given a small budget each year that goes primarily to supplies and treats. We try to get both full and partial donations from different places such as QFC, Fred Meyer, Safeway, Starbucks, Dairy Queen, etc. Most of the time when we do a meal we will send out a signup request for everyone interested to sign up and contribute. We will be posting the sign up link on our Canyon Creek PTA website, Facebook page and our PTA Coyote Howler newsletter.

Donations made to Canyon Creek PTA help fund this committee.

Below find information about what we are planning and what we have done so far this year!

If you have any questions please contact Alyssa Koske (Staff Appreciation Chair) at

Thank you,
Alyssa and Lisa

Left: Lisa Murray, Right: Alyssa Koske


Here's what we are planning...

December: A special treat will be delivered to the staff room!

January: Stock the Breakroom!! This is another community donation event. We will create another signup sheet to collect all sorts of treats, snacks & beverages for the break room to welcome staff back from winter break. Please watch for details in November or early December.

February: Dessert Buffet!! This is a fun community donation event. Donate a dessert with tiny servings (homemade or store bought) to allow for lots of tastes! 

We will share more as we finalize plans.

Here's what we've done...(most recent first)

November: This month we are doing a small little surprise for staff, telling them that our community is "EXTRA Thankful" for them, with a pack of Extra Gum. 


October: Our amazing community provided an awesome assortment of CHILI options for Canyon Creek staff! We heard so many words of appreciation for the lunch and the great selection of crockpot goodness!

September: We provided each of the staff with a bag of popcorn with a little note attached that read: "Let's Get Poppin' and Make This an Awesome School Year!!!"

August: We hosted a bagel and bananas breakfast on one of the first days that all staff were on campus for the school year, August 25th. We brought a bunch of bagels, cream cheese, bananas, and coffee, to welcome all of the Canyon Creek Staff back to school. Our PTA president also welcomed them the staff and introduced what Canyon Creek PTA hopes to bring to the school this year.