Spring 2021 Staff Grants  

Recognizing that needs (and great ideas!) can arise throughout the year (especially in challenging years), the general membership voted to offer Canyon Creek Elementary staff grants of up to $75.00 per staff member to support innovative curriculum, ideas, and programs that align with the mission statement of the PTA. 

Thanks to our membership vote, we are pleased to have been able to offer grants to our hard working staff. Thanks to donations and sponsorships this year, we were able to fund 39 staff grants totaling $2,798.36 which directly support our students’ learning!

Below is a list by grade (or department) of what was funded.


      • Imaginative play toys
      • Fidget toys
      • Classroom supplies
      • Sensory materials 

1st grade 

      • Popits for Math practice
      • Science materials
      • ELA materials
      • Classroom support materials

2nd grade

      • Classroom library books
      • Wobble cushions
      • Classroom community building tools
      • Classroom support materials
      • Tools for teaching time
      • ELA support materials

3rd grade

      • Noise canceling ear muffs
      • Art supplies
      • Dice for math and community classroom building
      • Book series for classroom
      • Classroom support supplies
      • Classroom analog clock
      • Classroom library books
      • Community building tools
      • Math support tools
      • Science books

4th grade

      • Classroom library books
      • Art supplies
      • Sensory play materials

5th grade

      • Classroom library books
      • Classroom support materials


      • Play therapy tools 

Learning Center/Social Emotional Learning

      • Sensory tools
      • Social skills books

Occupational Therapy/Speech Language Pathology

      • Fine motor bins for mid level support
      • Support materials


      • Books
      • Sitting dots


      • Sound system cabling


      • Soccer goal 


      • Field day activity games 


We are thrilled that so many staff members took advantage of this program!