We thought it might be fun to introduce different groups of staff at Canyon Creek Elementary.
Putting a face to the names helps make a community stronger!

LAP & EL Teachers and Para-Educators

Photographed (left to right): Mrs. Memon, Mrs. Helito, Mrs. Holley, Mrs. Frederickson, and Mrs. Ahn.


What are LAP and EL?

For those who might not know what these groups do, here's a little info!
Elementary Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

The State of Washington funds the LAP in elementary schools. In the Northshore District, this program offers additional services for students scoring below grade-level standard in English language arts in grades K-4. The services focus on accelerating student growth to make progress toward grade level during the period of time they are provided services. 

LAP staff chooses which students to serve based on a variety of reading assessment scores and teacher recommendation.   LAP staff at Canyon Creek are certificated teachers and work in the classroom with identified students, with small groups of children in another space, or with individuals. LAP emphasizes research-based best practices designed to increase student achievement. 

English Learner (EL)

EL stands for English Learner. The EL team's goal is to support English proficiency in all EL students around speaking, listening, reading, and writing. We currently serve over 100 EL students from all different cultures. We take pride in our cultural differences and our growing diverse population.


What is your favorite thing about your job?

To learn a little about these teachers, we asked them, "What is your favorite thing about your job?".

  • Mrs. Frederickson (LAP Teacher): My favorite part of teaching is building positive relationships with students, staff, and families. One of the best things about my LAP job is that I get to work with a range of students from Kindergarten to Fourth grade. 
  • Mrs. Holley (LAP Teacher): My favorite parts of teaching are helping students become confident in their literacy skills and watching them fall in love with reading. Also, spending the day with children is never dull. They keep me on my toes and put a smile on my face!  
  • Mrs. Ahn (EL Teacher): My favorite part about teaching is being able to support students who are growing up in the American school system with immigrant parents such as I did. I am passionate about providing the tools and resources for these families to better support not only themselves, but their children to do their best at home and in school.
  • Mrs. Memon (EL Paraeducator): My favorite parts of teaching are that I love showing students that learning can be fun. I try to be friendly with them so they can trust me but at the same time I emphasize on maintaining discipline.
  • Mrs. Helito (EL Paraeducator): My favorite part about teaching is making connections with students, families and teachers. I love when I can speak their language. They feel so happy and comforted. I love to see the smiles on their faces when they succeed in reading, writing, speaking and even making friends.


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