Hi-Cap/EAP Information Opportunity for Parents

Our Canyon Creek PTA EAPT/Hi-Cap Liaison wanted to share these thoughts and information about an event that might be interesting to our EAP/HiCap parents. Thanks Carson for sharing both your experience AND the information about the talk. 
This is a great place to start if you are wondering about why your smart kids seems quirky or if they might need more challenge in an academic setting. We saw this talk before any of our kids were identified as highly capable and it was so enlightening and my husband and I kept whispering to each other about which of our kids demonstrated the various traits Austina highlighted. It sounds like it will also explain more about why our district went to universal screening and its importance. - Carson Sanderson, Canyon Creek PTA EAP Liaison

Presentation Information and How to Attend

Tuesday, October 19, 2021
6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. 
Online via Zoom
$30 Registration Fee
Our friends over at The Washington Coalition for Gifted Education are hosting an online benefit to raise money to lobby for HiCap legislation in Washington State! 
Join the Washington Coalition for Gifted Education to hear Austina De Bonte give the updated version of her signature talk: Smart is not Easy: What Research Says about Highly Capable Learners. In addition, hear the Coalition's latest progress, our big plans for this legislative session, and why we see universal screening for highly capable students as not just a good idea, but a social justice issue - and essential for the future of gifted education in Washington state.
This online presentation will cover the latest research and neuroscience about highly capable learners, informing the most pressing concerns students are facing at home well as in the classroom. We’ll discuss the social-emotional characteristics of HiCap learners, ranging from perfectionism to executive function difficulties, as well as the recent neuroscience that is helping explain where these characteristics may be originating, giving us big insights on how best to support students. We’ll also touch on twice exceptionality, grit, underachievement, with practical tips to use at home or in the classroom.
Register Here: https://tinyurl.com/coalitionbenefit2021
Can't attend, but want to stay in the loop with the Coalition? Join our mailing list: https://tinyurl.com/joinWAcoalition