Hearing & Vision Screening Days

Friday October 7th & Monday, October 10th

Every year the school nurse(s) and school district helpers - along with parent volunteers - conduct vision and hearing screenings for all the elementary grade levels except for the 4th graders. It is very important to get all the kiddos screened because good vision and hearing are essential to learning!
The screening days are set for Friday October 7th & Monday, October 10th at Canyon Creek Elementary.
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About the Screenings

It is important to understand that these are basic screenings, and are designed to identify students who may require further testing. They are not intended to replace regular exams by qualified health care providers. A student who does not pass any screening will be rechecked in a few weeks, and you will be notified only if there are concerns after the second screening.

Vision screening uses the PlusOptix. The PlusOptix is an autorefractor that takes a measurement of the refraction of the eyes. The results is a baseline refraction measurement. The illumination technique used by PlusOptix, is totally harmless to the child's eyes. If your child wears glasses or contact lenses for distance or near vision, please be sure they have them on the screening day.

If your child has a hearing loss and is being followed by a healthcare provider or specialist and you do not wish for them to participate in the screening, please let the school nurse know. If you have concerns about hearing loss and school accommodations, contact your student’s teacher or the school nurse.

If you would like to exempt your child from either of these health screenings, please contact the school nurse.

Canyon Creek Elementary School Nurse
Phone: (425) 408-5706

Volunteers are NEEDED!!

Friday October 7th & Monday, October 10th. 

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This is a really BIG job and volunteers are essential to get all of the students through the screening process!

  • Volunteers will NOT be doing the actual screening, they will be doing jobs like:
    • Helping students move through the process smoothly
    • Reminding students to be quiet (especially so the hearing testing is successful)
    • Letting teachers know of any timing adjustments
    • Recording results

We are in great need of volunteers. Please ask friends and family if they can help. We needs at least 5 volunteers at all times during the process.

Each of the 2 days, full day & morning volunteers should plan to arrive around 9AM as we want to start screening as close to the start of the school day as possible. If you are an afternoon only volunteer, please try to check in and get to the screening room by 11:55 to allow for training and a smooth transition when another volunteer leaves.

EVERY volunteer on Canyon Creek campus must be approved as an NSD volunteer including submitting proof of COVID vaccination or medical/religious exemption. Find all the details about how to get setup as a volunteer.

Thank you for considering - it's a really important process that helps SO MANY kids who might not have been identified as needing vision or hearing assistance!

Questions? Please contact our PTA Health Room Liaison.