As a way for our community to get to know our PTA
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we are asking PTA board members, chairs & members to share THEIR WHY!

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Jenn Snyder | CC PTA Member Since 2009 | VP-Communications

Students: M.S. (4th grade)

Why I PTAWhy I PTA. I PTA for my children. My journey began when I wanted to be informed about my child’s school and education when my oldest started kindergarten. PTA was an avenue for me to connect and engage with other parents within our school community. I PTA to support my children's educators and advocate for children and families. I PTA to give back to my community.



Adriann Weymouth | CC PTA Member Since 2019 | PTA Member

Students: Kindergartener & 2nd Grader

Why I PTAOur first year of elementary school I felt so uncertain of what to expect for my son, and even for myself. It was a bit intimidating. But then, the PTA hosted summer meet ups for incoming kindergarten families! This was such a huge help and welcoming first experience that both my son and I appreciated greatly. Meeting other families and PTA leaders helped us to feel so much more comfortable entering this new phase of life. That first year I was too overloaded to feel like I could add one more thing to my plate, so I never joined the PTA. Which, in hindsight was silly, as I now know that PTA membership does not mean that you will have more to do (unless you choose that)! PTA membership is simply a way of investing in our community. Of saying that we believe in more for our children, the faculty and the families. We love that the PTA has always welcomed our family with open arms and provided fun and educational events and resources for us too!

Heather Douangpanya | CC PTA Member Since 2014 | PTA Member

Students: Hallie (4th grade)

Why I PTAI’m a member of the PTA to support all of the activities that the collective team organizes for our kids. As members we are advocates for our kids and have a greater shared voice to ask for resources from our state legislature.



Melanie McKenzie | CC PTA Member Since 2017 | VP-Programs

Students: Hayden & Liam (4th grade)

Why I PTAI PTA to be involved and engaged in my child’s education. I PTA to be connected to my school and local community. I PTA to support our educators and school administrators. I PTA to be a voice when others can not and to use my voice for the benefit for all students and families. I PTA because I believe in the mission and purpose of what PTA does and can do!

Adnan Siddiqui | CC PTA Member Since 2020 | Advocacy Chair

Student: Azeem (2nd grade)

Why I PTAI PTA to support fellow parents and teachers to deliver a great education experience to our students.



Nicole Trimble | CC PTA Member Since 2014 | Newsletter Editor, Website Editor & Glow Dance

Students: Griffin (2nd grade) & Jessica (6th grade - Skyview)

Why I PTAI PTA to show my kids that I believe education is very important. Working with a group of caring people with a common goal gives me a sense of belonging and satisfaction. I have found it is a great way to connect with other adults and make new friends. It allows me to support and get to know students, teachers, and staff - especially in this challenging situation. Communication is very important to me and I have found positions in our PTA where I can work to share information and hopefully make families feel welcome and part of our school community. I PTA because I feel we are a key part of what makes NSD so amazing: the community.

Megan King | CC PTA Member Since 2014 | Social Media & Skate Parties

Students: Chelsea (7th grade) & Tenlee (4th grade)

Why I PTA:
- For my children
- I want to support our teachers & our schools
- To establish connections
- To share my knowledge and skills
- To give back to my community

Nancy Tangen | CC PTA Member Since 2016| Reader Board & Popcorn Friday

Students: Jack (5th grade) & Ben (3rd grade)

Why I PTABeing a part of the PTA is important to me because I believe in community. Being a part of the Canyon Creek Community is wonderful for kids and families, especially during this time when everyone is longing to be a part of something bigger. Our Canyon Creek teachers, administrators, and staff are amazing! As a parent, I believe in helping our school in any way we can. Additionally, bringing all-school events to the kids is critical to building community. I love being able to see the smiles on the faces of the kids when it's Popcorn Friday! I always say the closest I will ever get to the rock star status of being a Watch DOGS, is doing Popcorn Friday because the kids LOVE it! Being involved in the school allows me to understand more, engage more, and participate in meaningful and intentional ways. Being a working parent, I am so happy that I can give to the school and engage with my kids, their teachers, and their classmates in helpful ways. I am proud to be an active PTA parent.

Karen Smith | CC PTA Member Since 2019 | President

Student: Noah (3rd grade, Grandson)

Why I PTAHelping children has been my calling for decades. The opportunity to be a part of the PTA is an extension of this passion. Every child needs dedicated teachers, involved parents, and a supportive community in order to become their best selves. I have filled both of the former roles in the past, and now I am excited to be part of filling the latter as well. They say it takes a village to raise a child. We are that village. It is so important to reach out to every child. The PTA provides new opportunities to help all our children to enrich themselves. I PTA because I know that our organization can help children to grow and thrive.

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