Canyon Creek Elementary Spirit Days!

To promote school spirit, the Canyon Creek Elementary Student Council decided to have spirit days for the remainder of the school year!

  • Every Friday is Canyon Creek Colors Day - black, turquoise, spirit wear
  • There is a SPECIAL SPIRIT DAY one Friday of the month, selected by Student Council each month. 
    • Friday, May 27th - SPORTS DAY!
      • Wear jerseys, favorite sports team colors, professional teams, college teams, local teams, and/or international teams! Please do NOT bring sports equipment on that day. 
    • Friday, June 10th - TROPICAL DAY!
      • Wear bright colors, school appropriate warm weather clothes, and be tropical as we head into summer!
    • Monday, June 13th - COLOR DAY!
      • Wear the color assigned to your grade!
      • This will be our Walk & Talk Day, where the whole school gets to walk together around the campus. Each grade level has an assigned color to wear.
        • Kindergarten: RED
        • 1st Grade: ORANGE
        • 2nd Grade: YELLOW
        • 3rd Grade: GREEN
        • 4th Grade: PURPLE
        • 5th Grade: BLUE

Show your school spirit and participate in Canyon Creek Elementary Student Council Spirit Days.


These are SCHOOL/Student Council events.
Canyon Creek PTA is supporting Canyon Creek Elementary by helping get the word out about their spirit days.