Spirit Wear Design (Inspiration) Contest!!

This year, Canyon Creek PTA is sponsoring a Spirit Wear Design (Inspiration) Contest. We are encouraging and challenging our Canyon Creek students, families, and staff to create a NEW design that we can use for our Spirit Wear for the fall of 2021.

We received several submissions and as wonderful as they are, we are concerned with the print quality. Therefore, we have extended our deadline and will use submissions as an inspiration contest. We will take the ideas submitted and use them to have a design created that will work for printing and sale.


As with any competition, there are some simple rules.  Please make sure to read them all carefully!
  • The contest deadline has been extended to Wednesday, June 30th.
  • This contest is OPEN to current Canyon Creek students, families, and staff.
  • Artwork must be ORIGINAL. (Please do not use images from the internet as there are likely copyright issues.)
  • Artwork should have no more than 2 or 3 colors.
  • The artwork needs to be student friendly.
  • Artwork theme is open for artist interpretation, but we would like to see an art piece that encompasses what Canyon Creek Elementary embodies. Need some inspiration?
    • Our school mascot is a coyote.
    • Our school motto is: "I am Kind, I am Safe, I am a Learner."   
  • Letters/words should be legible and clear. If a FONT is used, it must be a font licensed for commercial use, or open source fonts can be used. Here are some resources that might be helpful. Just make sure to check the rules of use. Include the NAME and SOURCE of the font used when you submit the artwork. If we cannot verify the font, we will not be able to use the artwork. 
    • Google Fonts Created as a directory of free fonts for use on websites or other web-based projects and applications. Includes hundreds of fonts that are all Open Source (which means they can be shared, modified, customized, etc.) and optimized for the web. They can also be downloaded to your computer for use on print projects.

    • Font Squirrel One of the best resources for fonts that are both free and licensed for commercial use (every single one). Includes a great selection of hand-picked, high-quality fonts that are searchable by classification or tag (such as casual, retro, or distressed).

  • Artwork should be on WHITE paper only- no colored or lined paper, please.
  • Artwork should NOT have an artist name on it.  Artist first and last name should be sent via email with the artwork.
  • Artwork will be accepted in .png format.
  • Keep ORIGINAL artwork until we finalize the winner and confirm that it works. If your artwork wins, we will need to get the original artwork from you. 

Submitting Artwork

Make sure to follow ALL of these guidelines for submitting artwork:

  • Artwork should be submitted via .png format.
    • PNG is a high quality photo image.
    • Most photo viewing applications allow for saving as a PNG file.
    • Try to get a photo of artwork with good lighting and without shadows. Scanning works too if you have access to a scanner.
    • We will contact you if we need a better quality image. 
  • Email artwork to Melanie McKenzie.
  • Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, June 30th.
  • Please include the artist name in the email only (NOT ON THE ARTWORK). Please also include relation to Canyon Creek Elementary along with details.
    • Student artwork? Include artist name, grade & teacher.
    • Staff artwork? Include artist name, position at Canyon Creek.
    • Family Member/Friend artwork? Include artist name, relation to Canyon Creek student (including student name, grade & teacher) or Canyon Creek staff (including staff name & position).
  • Include the name and source of any font used. If we cannot confirm that it is free for commercial use, we will have to disqualify the entry (find information in the Rules section above for how to find fonts).
  • Please ensure any art/drawings are original to ensure they are not subject to copyright laws.
  • By submitting artwork, you are giving your permission for our PTA to:
    • use your artwork for spirit wear AND/OR
    • use it as inspiration to create spirit wear design.
  • Remember to KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL ARTWORK in a safe place! We may need the original for the designer to finalize the graphic for printing.


Due to the change in timing, the PTA Board and school administration will pick a winner. 

Announcing the Winner

We will proudly announce the winner in early July via our newsletter, social media & website. The winner will WIN a free spirit wear item for the new school year (2021-22) and a Menchie's Frozen Yogurt Gift card!


Any questions, comments, etc., please reach out to our VP Programs, Melanie Mckenzie.