We are kicking off our fall PTA membership campaign

for the 2021-22 school year!

Please take a moment to join our Canyon Creek PTA. Your membership shows your support for our non-profit organization and all we do for Canyon Creek Elementary!

  • There is NO obligation or expectation to volunteer or attend meetings. (But we do LOVE to meet members and find fun opportunities for those who want to help!)
  • Anyone can become a member...parents, caregivers, relatives, students, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc!
  • Our membership goal this year is conservative at 300 members. Please help us reach (and pass) that goal!
  • The membership cost is remaining at the reduced COVID price of $10 per person - this only covers our membership fees for Northshore Council PTSA, Washington State PTA and National PTA, but we know that members are key to a strong PTA.
  • We have confidential membership scholarships (for free) available for anyone who requests one. We do NOT want the cost of membership to deter anyone from becoming a PTA member.
  • Donations are very much appreciated! Donations will be used to help fund all the great things we do all year. As a 501c3 organization, all membership fees and donations are tax deductible AND eligible for company matching donations!

Become a Canyon Creek PTA member today!

Link above will give you details about all methods of becoming a member...



Check out our membership FAQ or reach out to our amazing Membership Committee (Nancy & Megan).