Howler Hoorays:

August 2019 - June 2020

Canyon Creek PTA is 100% volunteer run and we depend heavily on our school community, including parents, older siblings, etc to help make programs & events successful. 

August 2019


8/18/2018 Howler

WOOHOOS to everyone who donated crayons and markers to the drive at the end of last year! Our PTA Sustainability Team (Alyssa Koske, Courtney Pansini, and Gentle Chikani) sent 35 lbs of markers to Crayola to be re-purposed into clean burning fuel -- and 40 lbs of crayons to Crazy Crayons to be melted down and reused. We were also able to donate the very best 15 lbs of crayons to the Northshore Headstart program!! Read the recap article.


8/25/2018 Howler

MANY THANKS to Patty Buchanan, our PTA Summer Fun Playdate Chair, for hosting the four playdates for our incoming kindergarteners this summer!! We had a wonderful turnout at Stipek Park! We hope those who attended, found it fun and helpful. APPRECIATION to our PTA Board Members (Jennifer Snyder, Bethany Jager, Melanie McKenzie & Nicole Trimble) who attended the playdates to help answer questions for our new families. 

September 2018


9/1/2018 Howler

HUGE HOORAYS to all of the Community Serve Day volunteers who gave their time to help our school prepare for the new school year! We had many community volunteers in addition to student families and staff! Volunteers assisted teachers with so much in their classrooms and really made our school grounds look beautiful. You are SO appreciated. Special thanks to Ms. McLain for coordinating the specific event at our school. Canyon Creek was just one of 31 different schools that were part of the larger Community Serve Day, supported by many churches and groups.

THANK YOUS to our Staff Appreciation Team, Stephanie Dunning & Alyssa Koske, for the "Walk of Fame" breakfast for the Canyon Creek staff on their first official day back for the new school year. Special woohoo to Jonathon Dunning too! BIG CHEERS to Starbucks @ Canyon Creek Place and Starbucks @ Bothell Everett Hwy & 220th for their donations! Find more details

MUCH APPRECIATION to the amazing Canyon Creek Teachers & Staff and PTA volunteers who made the Back-to-School Ice Cream Social a wonderful kick-off for the new school year! HOORAYS to all of the Canyon Creek families who attended!! SPECIAL APPRECIATION to Melanie McKenzie for coordinating the event this year. Check out more thank you thoughts


9/8/2018 Howler