Howler Hoorays:

August 2018 - June 2019

Canyon Creek PTA is 100% volunteer run and we depend heavily on our school community, including parents, older siblings, etc to help make programs & events successful. 

August 2018


8/28/2018 Howler

MANY THANKS to Ms. McLain, who coordinated the event at our school, and all of the volunteers who participated in Community Serve Day at Canyon Creek Elementary! The grounds look lovely with new bark and the plants/shrubs are trimmed! The teachers and staff loved the extra help to get ready for the new year. This is such a fun and meaningful event! SO MUCH APPRECIATION to Northshore Community Church for coordinating ours and other school events all over our district.

HUGE HOORAYS to Nicole Trimble, our Summer Fun Playdate Chair, for planning and hosting the six playdates for our incoming kindergarteners and their families over the summer. Also, YIPEES to other PTA leadership - Melanie McKenzie, Jennifer Snyder, Barby Taheri & Robin Zaback for coming to support these playdates (without kindergarteners). KUDOS to Mr. Mayberry (PE teacher), Mr. Graff & Ms. Slywka (recess teachers), Mr. Denton & Ms. Airhart for joining us to welcome our kinder families!! We truly hope these playdates helped our youngest students feel more comfortable starting school at Canyon Creek!


September 2018


9/2/2018 Howler

HUGE THANKS to the amazing Canyon Creek Teachers & Staff and PTA volunteers who made the Back-to-School Ice Cream Social a wonderful kick off for the new school year! SPECIAL APPRECIATION to Colette Puoci and Eric Corsaro for coordinating the event this year. We had record breaking attendance of over 800 people at our Ice Cream Social this year - thanks so much for joining us!!

MUCH PRAISE to our Staff Appreciation Committee: Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen, for putting together a breakfast for our Teachers & Staff the morning of the Back-to-School event! They provided a delish spread including bananas, watermelon, homemade scones, Starbucks coffee, water, and hard boiled eggs-- a GREAT start to everyone's day! Also, THANK YOU to Canyon Park Starbucks for donating two containers of coffee for our event! 

9/9/2018 Howler

BIG SHOUT OUT to all the Canyon Creek & NSD staff who were directing parking lot traffic, helping kids out of cars, directing kids to their classrooms, monitoring the playground and welcoming families-- and the PTA Parent Volunteers who helped students find their way to their classrooms and greeted students (and their families) on Wednesday morning! The additional friendly adults made the first morning of school go smoothly. There will be PTA volunteers on campus again Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday to offer assistance to our kindergarteners who are starting school this week!

9/16/2018 Howler

BIG SHOUT OUT to all the Canyon Creek staff, NSD staff and PTA Parent Volunteers who all helped ensure our kindergarteners knew where to go - and even took extra time to introduce littles to each other to make them feel better. The school had additional help on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday mornings because of the staggered start for kindergarten! Thanks to ALL of you for making those first few critical days go smoothly!

9/23/2018 Howler

HUGE HOORAYS to Watch D.O.G.S. School Coordinator, Bob Graff & Watch D.O.G.S. PTA Coordinator, Michael Richards for organizing and hosting the Watch D.O.G.S. Kickoff Pizza Party on Friday night. This event had a GREAT turnout with over 40 dads/father-figures and over 60 kids! What FANTASTIC interest in this program - and a great start to the year for our Watch D.O.G.S.!

MUCH APPRECIATION to NSD Superintendent, Dr. Michelle Reid, for coming out to Canyon Creek for the Meet & Greet - and THANKS to the parents who came out to ask questions!

YIPEES to our Popcorn Committee: Nancy Tangen, Megan Madsen & Courtney Carr for popping and passing out ALL THAT POPCORN. What a treat for lunch recess!

GRATITUDE to our Book Room Coordinators: Krise Swallom and Melissa Kline who have spent countless hours organizing and determining appropriate levels for books in the book room. These books are used by teachers for the classrooms and the book-in-a-bag program (sending appropriate level books home for student readers to practice).

9/30/2018 Howler

MANY THANKS to Arena Sports Mill Creek for partnering with us for a fundraiser on Wednesday. WOOHOOS to the families who came out to participate in the event. The PTA received about $50 from this fundraiser! Mark your calendars for the next Arena Sports Mill Creek event scheduled for Monday, October 22nd - more details coming soon!

YIPPEES to our Art Docent Committee: Courtney Carr, Karen DeMercer, Elesha Ostrander and Melissa Kline, for hosting a helpful and informative Art Docent training session for all our new and returning Art Docent volunteers! (HUGE THANKS to every one of our Art Docent volunteers too!)

WOOHOOS to our PTA President, Melanie McKenzie who organized the After School Enrichment Program for this fall. She is the PTA president, but also took on this program to ensure there were opportunities for after school enrichment. We are looking for someone to help her out or take this program on, so if you are interested, please contact Melanie.


October 2018


10/7/2018 Howler

MANY THANKS to our Staff Appreciation Team: Megan Madsen & Nancy Tangen, for organizing and hosting a fabulous Tailgating themed lunch for Canyon Creek teachers and staff! HUGE HOORAYS to all the families who made/purchased items for the lunch. The staff always appreciates the opportunity to gather together and share good food. See additional thank yous and photos!!

MUCH APPRECIATION to Canyon Creek Principal, Bruce Denton and Assistant Principal, Ali Airhart - and ALL of the amazing Canyon Creek teachers - for hosting parent curriculum nights over the last month! It is wonderful to get to hear what is/will be happening in our student's classrooms throughout the school year.

10/14/2018 Howler

MANY THANKS to our Spiritwear Team: Dawn Draheim and Jennifer Herrman, for a great spiritwear sale! Everything was delivered by October 5th (great job Dawn!) and we sold 472 items of spiritwear this year!! We LOVE seeing all the Canyon Creek spiritwear (old and new) around the school!

MUCH APPRECIATION to Nurse Susan for her planning and coordination, the nursing team and all the parent volunteers who helped make the Vision & Hearing Screening day run so smoothly and efficiently!

HUGE HOORAYS to Office Staff: Sue Hanson and Terri Jaenson, and Ms. Daniel for preparing and setting up the student data and technology for the running club; Casey Dwyer and Alyssa Koske for preparing the Running Club cards for every student and Courtney Carr, Bethany Jager, Melanie McKenzie, Courtney Pansini, Meera Venkatesan, and Robin Zaback for helping cut the cards out and place in the binders just in time for Running Club to start last Friday. We are excited for a great year of running club!!

10/21/2018 Howler

MANY THANKS to all the parents/community members who attended our PTA General Meeting on Tuesday. The board is so happy to have met those of you who came early. HUGE APPRECIATION to Captain Beck from Bothell Police Department for sharing information about the upcoming public safety ballot measures.

HOORAYS to our Popcorn Committee: Megan Madsen, Nancy Tangen & Courtney Carr, for providing a fun treat of popcorn to our students on Friday! They will be back in March when weather warms up a little and Popcorn Friday returns.

** Nurse Susan wanted to share her appreciation for the team who made Vision & Hearing Screening Day go so smoothly - check out the website Thank You article.

10/28/2018 Howler

MANY THANKS to Courtney Pansini for running our Food Drive last week and to Anders Hagen, Dan Dwyer, Melanie McKenzie, Nicole Trimble and Mr. Graff for help with collecting donations. MUCH APPRECIATION to everyone who donated food to help Woodinville Store House Food Bank and local families who rely on them for food!

WOOHOOS to those who hopefully enjoyed a fun evening at Arena Sports Mill Creek, a portion of their package purchases will come right back to our PTA. THANK YOU (AGAIN) to Arena Sports Mill Creek for partnering with us!

APPRECIATION to Jennifer Snyder for organizing the PTA membership incentive drawing winner breakfast with Mr. Denton and Ms. Airhart. THANK YOU to Mr. Denton and Ms. Airhart for your participation and support. 


November 2018


11/4/2018 Howler

APPRECIATION to Jenny Herbison, our PTA Box Tops Chair, for coordinating, clipping, counting and submitting our collected Box Tops! THANK YOU to all the families and staff who collected and turned in Box Tops in our Fall Box Tops Drive. SPECIAL KUDOS to Jenny's "clipping party" helpers: Emily Cross, Maria Allen, Robin Zaback, Natalie O’Reilly, Megan Soda and Jill Mosley. Don't forget to keep collecting for Box Tops drive in February!

11/11/2018 Howler

KUDOS to those who participated in the last of our Back to School events at Arena Sports Mill Creek. Thanks to everyone who played at these three events, we received just under $140 in donations from Arena Sports! And THANK YOU to Arena Sports for partnering with us!

HUGE CHEERS for our Multicultural Night Organizers: Pragati Mathur, Melanie McKenzie, Jennifer Herrman and many more who were involved with brainstorming and planning. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with setup & cleanup. Hoorays to Melanie McKenzie & Barby Taheri for being our MCs for the night. SO MUCH APPRECIATION for all of those who shared a part of their culture with us. And MANY THANKS to those who came to the event to learn about our school's diverse cultures! This was an amazing evening of fun, sharing, community, and more. THANK YOU to Mr. Denton and Ms. Airhart for their support of Multicultural Night and a SHOUT OUT to Superintendent Reid for coming out and visiting our event! Check out our event summary.

11/18/2018 Howler

THANK YOU to our PTA General Membership Meeting Guest Speaker, Linda Yee, for sharing great information about Mindfulness and sharing tools that parents can take home for their kids or themselves! HOORAYS to Ms. McLain and the 4th & 5th Grade Canyon Creek Chorus, accompanied by Renata Fell - for a wonderful and entertaining performance. Special CHEERS for Andy Beavo (Mrs. Beavo's husband) for saving the day and picking up the accompanist after she got a flat tire on her way to the performance! We appreciate everyone's flexibility while we juggled the agenda to make it work!

SO MUCH APPRECIATION to the teachers & staff who participated in the McTeacher's Night on Wednesday! We very much appreciate you giving your time - especially right before conferences. HUGE THANKS to all the families who came to eat, socialize and support Canyon Creek PTA! It definitely felt like a community event - and the teachers & staff were treated like celebrities!! Drum roll please....we are thrilled to announce that the "tip jar" & cookie "sales" resulted in $688 in donations -- AND we will receive a donation check from Canyon Park McDonald's for 20% of sales in the amount of $745. That's $1433 for a three hour event! We will definitely plan to do this again for the 2019-20 school year! And definitely a HUGE HOWLER HOORAY to Canyon Park McDonald's management and staff for making our teachers & staff feel welcome, for hosting the event, and partnering with us for this fun event - thank you for the donation!

SPECIAL THANKS to our Staff Appreciation Committee: Megan Madsen & Nancy Tangen, for hosting a hearty breakfast for Canyon Creek teachers & staff - kicking off the conference week!

11/25/2018 Howler

HOORAYS to our Membership Chair, Jenn Snyder, for her hard work, dedication, and determination in running a successful Fall Membership Incentive drive. We have made great progress and are working on a Winter Membership Drive! THANK YOU to all of you who have become members - and we hope to continue to grow our membership so we can continue to do great things at Canyon Creek Elementary!


December 2018


12/2/2018 Howler

HOORAYS to everyone who helped make the school's Scholastic Book Fair run so smoothly - and HUGE THANKS to all the families and students who supported our school and community through their purchases. Read our librarians' thank you message

YAHOOS to all of our Board Members for taking PTA training classes. Did you know PTA leadership positions have a requirement to get training? By participating in leadership trainings, our PTA Board is ensuring they are up to date with best practice, constantly networking and learning to improve our PTA. We are so thankful that our entire Canyon Creek PTA Board has taken advantage of various types of training. Read more and see what classes our board has taken!

12/9/2018 Howler

Tremendous THANK YOU's to Abhishek Mehta, Dhara Rajagopalan, and Pragati Mathur for all the brainstorming, planning, and implementation for a successful S.T.E.M. Night.  APPRECIATION to our S.T.E.M volunteers for the set up, assistance with the stations, and the breakdowns. CHEERS to Pacific Science Center for working with us to provide a fun and educational show and hands on stations! Find additional detailed thank yous along with photos from the event.

KUDOS to Colette Puoci for organizing and promoting PTA Reflections program. We had a total of 7 artists who submitted their work and all 7 will move on to Northshore Council PTSA. Congratulations to those 7 student artists and best of luck.

MANY THANKS to the Watch D.O.G.S. volunteers who have already spent a whole day at Canyon Creek - helping out in classrooms, on the play ground, etc.  They are great male role models and make an positive impact on our students! Check out the "Wall of Fame" in the hallway outside the main office, for photos of our awesome volunteers! HUGE KUDOS also to Mr. Graff and Michael Richards for ensuring our volunteers are ready for their duties.  If you are interested in learning more about the Watch D.O.G.S. program, visit our information page.

12/16/2018 Howler

THANKS to our Partnerships Chair, Misty Carter, for arranging the MOD Pizza Dine Out on Tuesday! HOORAYS to MOD Pizza Canyon Park for supporting our PTA and donating 20% of orders for those who mentioned Canyon Creek! YIPPEES to all the families and community members who participated in this event, resulting in about $336 in donations to Canyon Creek PTA!!

APPRECIATION to our PTA Chaperones for the Fall and Holiday After school programs- without their help, we would not be able to offer such great enriching programs. Thank you, Laura Striker, Debra Page, Anuradha Varma, Kelsey Kraupa, Alyssa Koske, and Salasa Raman

12/30/2018 Howler

MANY THANKS to our PTA Directory Chair, Courtney Pansini for getting our PTA Student Directory ready for publishing!  APPRECIATION also to Sue & Terri in the school office for helping to validate and review all the information. 


January 2019


1/6/2019 Howler

HUGE THANKS to our PTA Math Challenge Chairs: Meera Venkatesan and Mahesh Venkataramani for coordinating the Math Challenge program in it's inaugural year! Because this is a year long program, it's a lot of work and we appreciate their dedication! KUDOS to all the students and families participating in this program - we hope you enjoy it and learn a little something with each challenge! (PS, it's not too late to start participating - learn more.)

HOORAYS to Robin Zaback, our PTA Social Media Chair, for keeping us all up-to-date via Facebook and Instagram! We appreciate your time and attention to detail!!

SO MUCH APPRECIATION to each of our Watch D.O.G.S. volunteers who spend a whole day at school providing positive male role models in classrooms, at lunch and at recess!  YIPPEES to our Watch D.O.G.S. Program Chairs, Bob Graff (Canyon Creek coordinator) and Michael Richards (PTA coordinator) for rallying volunteers, planning schedules, training our volunteers, etc. Learn more about the Watch D.O.G.S. program and how to get involved

GREAT BIG CHEERS to Melanie McKenzie (for organizing), Jennifer Herrman (for hosting) and Jenn Snyder (for coordinating Bunco) for all they did for our annual PTA leadership holiday party! It was a lovely time with a wonderful group of people enjoying potluck snacks & desserts, a white elephant gift exchange, and bunco! Add to that, we also donated items for the Everett Gospel Mission to help those in need.

1/13/2019 Howler

HUGE THANKS to our PTA Staff Appreciation Committee: Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen for AGAIN coordinating a wonderful staff appreciation event. The Fill-A-Fridge event was a hit with our teachers and staff. WOOHOOS to all the families who donated to the event. Check out the list of donor names along with photos.

HOORAYS to Northshore Council PTSA for hosting the Reflections Celebration on Saturday. We are so proud of all of our Canyon Creek Reflections 2018-19 artists!! THANK YOU AGAIN to Colette Puoci for organizing our Reflections program this year! Look for a Reflections Celebration article (with photos) on the website this week and in next week's newsletter.

1/20/2019 Howler

THANK YOUS to Mrs. Larson, Mrs. Lindley, and Mr. Henderson for running the Spelling Bee practice session for our registered students on Monday! It was a great practice to help with the logistics of the actual Spelling Bee - and for the students to get comfortable with the process. We had about 45 students participate in the practice- and we have about 60 students registered for the Spelling Bee! KUDOS to the students for participating in this practice run and to parents for supporting the students!!

YIPPEES to everyone who attended our PTA General Membership Meeting on Tuesday! SPECIAL THANKS to our guest speaker, Cindy Tucker, owner of Super Sitters, LLC, for talking about the Safe Kids/Home Alone training we will be offering in May (more details to come about that) - and for answering questions!

HOORAYS to Jodie McClure & Nicole Trimble, for organizing the super fun Glow Dance on Friday! HUGE THANKS to all of our Glow Dance volunteers- without whom this event would be impossible! MUCH APPRECIATION to our DJ, playDJusa, for MCing our event and playing the fun family friendly music! HIGH FIVES to our PTA Popcorn Committee: Nancy Tangen, Megan Madsen & Courtney Carr for providing the popcorn as a FREE snack during the dance!! And finally, THANK YOU to all the families and teachers/staff who came out to participate and enjoy our school community!! Check out our thank you article with some photos!!

1/27/2019 Howler

THANK YOUS to our amazing Art Docent Committee Chairs: Courtney Carr, Karen DeMercer, Elesha Ostrander & Melissa Kline - and all of the classroom art docent volunteers!! Our kids are lucky to have exposure to the arts because of these dedicated volunteers. Generally, art is brought to every classroom about once a month, where students get a lesson about the artist and create their own art piece. Additionally, the Art Docents will setup our Art Gala in May to showcase two pieces of art from each student at Canyon Creek!! Thank you for ALL the research, planning, prepping and work you do in the classrooms!


February 2019


2/3/2019 Howler

HOORAYS to our Hour of Code Chair, Dhara Rajagopalan and our STEM Committee for organizing THREE "Hour of Code" sessions on Tuesday. We filled all three of them, 25 students per session! Amazing turn out. We hope the students who participated learned some code techniques and had fun!

THANK YOUS to everyone who helped make our Spelling Bee a huge success! Jake Tadema, Ryan Baalim, Ellen McNeal, Vincent and Leela for all the assistance with set up, organization, and clean up! Additional shout out to Jake for his helping hand with the Bees. Without your help, the Spelling Bee would not have been such a success. Ms. Lindley, Ms. Larson, Mr. Henderson and Erin Corsaro for all your dedication, energy, excitement, and expertise. We are beyond grateful for you. And MANY THANKS to all our student Bees and their families. We are thrilled about the participation in this first year!!

2/10/2019 Howler

HOORAYS to Superintendent Reid and all of the NSD employees (especially Transportation) who helped keep our kids safe this last week. We are sure it was stressful to make the decisions about closures, but their priority is our kids' safely. We appreciate their efforts and quick communication!!

YIPPEES to Nancy Tangen and Mariel Villa for their dedication to keep the reader board outside the school up-to-date all year! We appreciate the reminders!

MANY THANKS to Bela Bhatt and Inchin's Bamboo Garden (Bothell) for hosting our PTA Dine Out Fundraiser last weekend. And WOOHOOS to EVERYONE who visited Inchin's that day! The fundraising results will be announced soon!

2/24/2019 Howler

HOORAYS to the following awesome PTA chairs for working to reschedule our PTA events affected by the winter weather closures!
  • Box Tops: Jenny Herbison
  • Staff Appreciation: Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen
  • Family Game Night: Jennifer Herrman

MANY THANKS to Bela Bhatt and Inchin's Bamboo Garden (Bothell) for hosting our Dine Out event and donating $362 to our PTA as a result of the event! YIPPEES to the families and community members who supported this event. 

March 2019


3/3/2019 Howler

HOORAYS to our PTA Box Tops Chair, Jenny Herbison, for our Spring Box Tops Drive! We earned $184.10 for just this drive, making the total for the year $833.10! MUCH APPRECIATION to everyone who turned in Box Tops this year! If you missed the drive, please save them for next year! We will have another collection in Fall of 2019!

HUGE CHEERS for our PTA Vice President of Programs, Jennifer Herrman, for her countless hours preparing, organizing and submitting our award applications to WSPTA. Much appreciation to you! 

HUGE THANKS to our PTA Art Docent Chairs: Courtney Carr, Karen DeMercer, Melissa Kline and Elesha Ostrander for their vision, implementation and organization of the collaborative art lesson for all Canyon Creek students- kudos ladies!! THANK YOU to all of the art docents that made this possible. And last but not least, NICE JOB students!! Check out the photos!

APPRECIATION to Melanie McKenzie, Melissa Kline, Nicole Trimble and Jake Tadema for brainstorming during our fundraiser idea gathering night last week.

3/10/2019 Howler

MANY HUGE THANKS to our Staff Appreciation Chairs: Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen for all their work and coordination, making the Staff Appreciation: Bring a Lunchevent run smoothly, proving lunches for 85 staff members with several different lunch times, and juggling hand delivered lunches as well as Panera & Jimmy Johns ordered lunches!! Amazing job ladies! HOORAYS to all our amazing families who provided lunches! The staff really appreciates this event every year! Please our complete thank you message on our website.

WOOHOO - Another successful Family Bingo Night! First, we must thank our Bingo Committee: Barby Taheri, Shea Johnson & Alyssa Koske - they put in a lot of work with bingo and raffle prizes, purchasing supplies, organizing registration packets, etc. Thanks to all the wonderful people who helped put on another successful Family Bingo Night!! This event raised over $3200 for Canyon Creek PTA and will be used to support the events and programs for our school community. There are SO MANY people to thank, including volunteers, Canyon Creek admin and teachers, donors, partners, etc. Please take a moment to read our Bingo Wrap Up article

3/17/2019 Howler

MANY THANKS to our amazing PTA chaperones for our winter after school programs: Alyssa Koske, Jaspreet Kaur, Debra Page, Lindsy Alanis, Ambika Karthik, Tess Song and Cristi Comes. We could not have offered the incredible enrichment programs without you! 

HUGE HOORAYS to those who helped make Popcorn Friday happen last Friday: Nancy Tangen, Courtney Carr, Krise Swallom and Jimmy Madsen.

BIG CHEERS for our guest speaker at the PTA General Membership Meeting on Tuesday, Robin McKenzie, for his informative parent education on being ready for an emergency and/or disaster.  We truly appreciate the time he took to educate us - LOTS of wonderful information and resources. Find lots of information here.

3/24/2019 Howler

MANY THANKS to our Nominating Committee: Robin Zaback, Barby Taheri and Bethany Jager for all their time and effort in the 2019-2020 recommendations for the Executive Board. 

YIPPEES for Melissa Kline and Krise Swallom for their constant attention and care to the Book Room. This room houses so many books used for our "Book in a Bag" program. It's so amazing to have SO many books - with such great organization.

3/31/2019 Howler

THANK YOU to Ms. Nikula for allowing us to use her room for the after school robotics program. Thanks also to Ms.Trepp for filling in for a chaperone so a class wasn't cancelled!

HOORAYS to Ms. Daniel, Alyssa Koske and Casey Dwyer for coordinating and getting out early to support all the Canyon Creek runners for the two extra days of Running Club.

April 2019


4/14/2019 Howler

HOORAYS to our Staff Appreciation Chairs: Nancy Tangen and Megan Madsen for an incredible potato bar for our staff. It was a huge hit!

YIPPEES to Megan King for organizing our Spring Skate Night! What a great turn out with 113 skaters, resulting in a donation to Canyon Creek PTA in the amount of $226. Thanks to all that came and supported our PTA.

THANK YOU to Nancy Tangen for coordinating the Canyon Creek table at the Northshore Schools Foundation All in for the Kids Luncheon. Huge thanks to the supporters at our table: Nicole Trimble, Alyssa Koske, Melanie McKenzie, Sara Sloan, Nancy Tangen and family, and Mr. Denton. 100% of the donations will benefit Northshore schools, students and staff. The entire event raised a total of $225,000!!

MANY THANKS to Courtney Pansini, Alyssa Koske, and Gentle Chikani for supporting the Canyon Creek Green Team while they start making posters for the school, advocating for a greener, more environmentally friendly school. 

4/21/2019 Howler

THANK YOU to the 71 households who have selected Canyon Creek PTA as their "Fred Meyer Community Rewards" recipient!! In the first quarter of 2019, those 71 households earned Canyon Creek PTA a donation of $300.60! If you haven't already, please register your Fred Meyer card and select us as your charity! Also, if you have selected us - remember it only lasts ONE year from setup date and must be reset every year! Learn more

YIPPEES to our amazing Popcorn Friday team - the were out there in the rain on Friday popping popcorn all morning under the breezeway covers to keep it dry!! Thank you Nancy Tangen, Megan Madsen, Courtney Carr & Melissa Kline!

4/28/2019 Howler

THANK YOU to Abhishek Mehta for organizing the STEM Fair on Tuesday night! We has nearly 60 participants present interesting STEM related project. APPRECIATION to all of our volunteer who helped make the night successful: Meera Venkatesan, Selvi Velmurugan, Lindsy Alanis, Leela Gogeneni, Xiaokang Cao, Heather Douangpanya, Courtney Pansini, Emily Cross, Melanie McKenzie, Nicole Trimble, Emily Owens and Sangeetha Kuppusamy. Also, KUDOS to Mr. Denton and Ms. Airhart for supporting our event and students. CONGRATULATIONS to all of our participating students who made amazing projects and demonstrated such amazing STEM ideas. One final THANKS to all the families who came out to enjoy and learn from the student projects!

HOORAYS to the Canyon Creek Coyotes (families & teachers) who showed their support yesterday by participating in the CAN DO 5K event in Bothell, celebrating people with all abilities!  The 5k/1mile run had a great turnout and was filled with positive energy! The sun was shining but the spotlight truly was on those who were breaking down barriers--proving that people from all walks of life CAN DO anything! We really look forward to participating again next year! 

May 2019


5/5/2019 Howler

MUCH APPRECIATION to our PTA Leaders: Melanie McKenzie, Nicole Trimble, Jennifer Herrman, Barby Taheri, Jennifer Snyder, Emily Cross & Robin Zaback for attending the Washington State PTA Convention last weekend - taking time away from family to get training, help conduct WSPTA business and network with other PTA leaders. Check out the Canyon Creek PTA recap of the convention.

HUGE THANK YOUs to our Art Docent Program Chairs: Courtney Carr, Karen DeMercer, Elesha Ostrander & Melissa Kline for coordinating the wonderful Art Gala last Friday! MANY THANKS to all of our dedicated Art Docents who bring art to every child at Canyon Creek - and also prep and display 2 projects for every class for our Art Gala!! Students were able to take a tour through the show during the school day on Friday - and then families came to enjoy the wonderful art on Friday evening. CHEERS to our PE Teachers who allowed for the setup and viewing, taking TWO days in the gym! Also, APPRECIATION to Colette Puoci for ensuring Canyon Creek student artists' Reflections submissions were available to display along with their recognitions. WOOHOOs to the 5th Grade Marimba band, lead by Mr. Gray - always a fun and energetic show! And YIPPEEs to the Canyon Creek staff for their inspired art submissions!! Check out photos and more thank yous.

5/12/2019 Howler

MUCH APPRECIATION to our PTA Staff Appreciation Chairs: Nancy Tangen & Megan Madsen, for coordinating three events this week for the Canyon Creek teachers and staff to enjoy and feel special during this Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week! Also, THANK YOU to all the familieswho donated items for these three events! We couldn't do it without you!! HUGE SHOUT OUT to Mr. Denton, Ms. Airhart and Inchin's Bamboo Garden - Bothell (Bela and Samir Bhatt) - who partnered with us to provide the catered lunch on Friday! Check out our detailed thank you and photos!!

5/19/2019 Howler

THANK YOUS to everyone involved with the wonderful awards portion of our last General Membership Meeting of the school year! Thanks to our VP-Programs (and Awards), Jennifer Herrman for leading the awards committee, coordinating families to be present, preparing for the gifts for winners, and more! Please find the rest of our MANY thank yous here.

WOOHOOS to our PTA Popcorn Committee: Nancy Tangen, Megan Madsen & Courtney Carr - along with special helper, Melissa Kline for the Popcorn Friday last week. This is something the kids look SO forward to! And they managed to do it all in the rain on Friday!

MUCH APPRECIATION to our PTA Family Game Night Chair, Jennifer Herrman, for putting together a super fun event last Friday (along with her family volunteers)! There were over 100 guests in attendance and it was fun to try new games. THANKS to Zulu's Board Games Cafe for sharing games with our families and for providing gifts for our giveaways. HOORAYS to the volunteers who helped setup & cleanup. CHEERS for our PTA Popcorn Committee (and extra helper) who provided the popcorn for the event.

MANY THANKS to our PTA chaperones for the spring after school enrichment classes: Alyssa Koske, Andrea Dobbs, Margaret Linde, Crysta Burch, Cary-Ann Anderson and Amita Singh. Without your support, we could not make these classes available!

5/26/2019 Howler

MUCH APPRECIATION to our TWO outgoing executive board members: Jennifer Herrman and Shea Johnson. Thank you, Jennifer, for the countless hours working as our VP of Programs (and Awards) and for chairing our Family Fun Game Night! Thank you, Shea, for your amazing secretary skills! We commend both of you for your commitment to our PTA and our school.

June 2019


6/2/2019 Howler

MUCH APPRECIATION to our many PTA Chairs that are either moving on to Skyview, to other schools or stepping down: Melissa Kline (Book Room Chair, Art Docent chair), Colette Puoci (Ice Cream Social  AND Reflections chair), Megan King (Spring Bazaar chair), Krise Swallom (Book Room chair), Lama Hamilton (E-mail coordinator), Angela Hacker (E-Prep Liaison), Laryssa Schwartz (Library Brigade chair), Pragati Mathur (Multicultural Night and STEM chair), Megan Madsen (Staff Appreciation chair), Dhara Rajagopalan (STEM and Multicultural night chair), Mahesh Venkataramani and Meera Venkatesan (Math Challenge chairs), Robin Zaback (Social Media chair), Nancy Tangen (Staff Appreciation chair), and Nicole Trimble (Summer Fun chair). Your time and commitment has not gone unnoticed- THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! Take this with you on your next venture: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much?” -Helen Keller

THANK YOU to Anna Jensen and Jake Tadema for chaperoning the Safe Kids/Home Alone and Babysitting classes. And a thank you to Cindy Tucker, owner and instructor for Super Sitters, LLC for teaching sessions for 4th & 5th graders, as well as Skyview students! The sessions were engaging and informative.

6/9/2019 Howler

MUCH APPRECIATION to all the families that donated to our LEGO drive. The Kindergarten classes and Social Emotional classes are so thankful for these. We will likely have another drive next year, so if you are looking to donate LEGOs or DUPLO blocks, save them for our next drive!

THANK YOU the Canyon Creek Student Council and Mrs. Nikula who welcomed us to all of their meetings and allowed us to share information about PTA events and programs! We were impressed with the discussions and decisions made by this group of students.

WOOHOOS to our PTA Popcorn Chairs: Megan Madsen, Nancy Tangen and Courtney Carr with helper, Melissa Kline for providing our last popcorn Friday of the school year. We know the kids look forward to the freshly popped popcorn each time Popcorn Friday comes around!

HUGE HOORAYS to the PTA Popcorn Chairs: Megan Madsen, Nancy Tangen and Courtney Carr for a tremendously successful year providing such a fun treat for all recipients. Just for perspective, they popped around 700 bags of popcorn on each of the six Popcorn Fridays! Additionally, they provided popcorn for some PTA events, providing 200 bags of popped popcorn!  Not only are they popping, bagging and distributing popcorn (at all lunch recesses), they are cleaning and maintaining the machines, keeping supplies stocked, etc - an average of 6+ hours per Popcorn Friday! We appreciate them and their efforts so much.

6/16/2019 Howler

THANK YOU to Ms. Daniel and the PTA Running Club Chairs: Alyssa Koske, Casey Dwyer for a year full of running club Fridays - and added running club Wednesdays!! 

6/23/2019 Howler

MUCH APPRECIATION to all involved in making the Popsicle Run such a success this year! Thank you to the Running Club team (Ms. Daniel, Alyssa Koske & Casey Dwyer) for organizing the fun end of year event AND for ALL the volunteers who helped make it safe and fun!! Special SHOUT OUT to QFC at Canyon Park Place for the donation of all the popsicles for this event! Read more about the event and more detailed thank yous!

HUGE HOORAYS to everyone who participated in the Menchie's Fundraiser last Tuesday. What a fun way to wrap up the school year and get one last donation for our PTA! The donation total was $229.95 - which we were told by the store is about $100 more than a normal fundraiser like this - so extra thanks to everyone who helped spread the word and make this such a successful event!

THANK YOU to Misty Carter, our PTA Partnerships Chair, for coordinating our fundraising partnerships this year! The events in total raised approximately $2,501 (not including Fred Meyer Community Rewards, Amazon Smile or BoxTops). This money is used to offer free and low cost events throughout the year as well as fund our many year long programs that support the school and our students - see the list of 2018-19 Canyon Creek events & programs.

MANY CHEERS to all of the volunteers (we don't have everyone's names, but you know who you are) for the school's Field Day event!! The students had so much fun playing all sorts of fun games! POWER CLAP to Mr. Mayberry and Ms. Daniel for planning & coordinating all the activities and logistics! SPECIAL THANKS to Melissa Kline, Robin Zaback, Courtney Carr & Megan Madsen for counting and sorting the popsicles for class treats following field day. And another shout out to QFC at Canyon Park Place for the popsicle donation - which provided over half of the popsicles for Field Day!!

THANK YOU to our PTA Sustainability Team (Alyssa Koske, Courtney Pansini, and Gentle Chikani) for collecting markers and crayons to be repurposed or recycled. HUGE YAHOOS for all the donations of crayons & markers - we got WAY more than we expected!! Also THANK YOU to Lisa Kieffer for her dedication and time working in partnership with the PTA to make our school and community more earth-friendly.

SO MUCH APPRECIATION to everyone who donated to our PTA via direct donation or along with their PTA membership! We really appreciate you! Your donations made it possible to keep doing all the things we do! And a HUGE SHOUT out to all the matches made by companies of our donors! It all adds up and makes a difference.

THANK YOU, again, to all of our PTA Business Sponsors! These companies donated to our PTA to help us provide programs and events to our community and we are so grateful for their support. 

THANK YOU to all of our 2018-19 Board Members & Committee Chairs!! Everyone is key to making this non-profit organization work. Many haven't been called out this year - and we want to make sure to voice our appreciation to EVERY ONE OF YOU!! Check out our amazing leadership team...

TREMENDOUS THANK YOU to all Canyon Creek teachers and staff for their welcoming alliance with us. Special acknowledgment to our incredible principals, Mr. Denton and Ms. Airhart and to the office crew- Sue Hanson, Terri Jaenson and Lynnea Webb. We value your guidance and partnership and so appreciate each of you!

LASTLY, THANK YOU once again to all our 2018-19 PTA members! We ended the year with 437 members, 62 more than last year! Growth is great!! We look forward to welcoming even more members next school year - showing your support and sharing your voice. Look for membership signup available this summer - and a special PRIZE BASKET raffle at the Ice Cream Social for any 2019-20 Canyon Creek PTA members! You don't need to be present to win, just make sure to become a member between 7/1/2019 and the end of the Ice Cream Social on 8/28.

==== AND THATS A WRAP ====