Sustainability Corner: Recycle vs Composting

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, you may find yourself cleaning out your fridge, perhaps tossing out leftovers, extra ingredients, spices, etc. 

Here are some recycling & composting do’s and don’ts thanks to our friends at Waste Management. 

RECYCLING: (blue bin)
- Glass, plastic bottles, tubs, & tin cans are all recyclable - simply remove lids, caps & wrappers. Please give containers a quick rinse too. 
- Clean paper & cardboard are also recyclable (mail, newspaper, flat cardboard, catalogs, etc)
- All recycle items should be loose in the blue bin.
- Plastic bags are NOT recyclable. 

COMPOSTING: (green bin)
- Food scraps and leftovers can be placed in your green compost bin.
- Food-soiled paper (towels, napkins, coffee grounds, pizza boxes, approved compost bags)
- Yard trimmings, leaves, branches
- Grease, fats, oils & liquids are NOT accepted and belong in your trash bin
- Diapers and pet waste should also be kept out of yard and food waste bins. 

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