Sustainability Corner: November

The Canyon Creek Green Team advisors (Ms. Kieffer & Ms. Burkett) have selected the 2019-20 Green Team Members from a large pool of interested 3rd and 4th grade applicants. It was so exciting to receive so many applications; thank you everyone!! The first Green Team meeting was on Wednesday, October 16th. The meetings will continue on the third Wednesday of each month. Green Team members will soon be working on our campus in a variety of ways to reduce waste, clean our campus, and teach others how to recycle better.

To help the Green Team and our school at large, there are sorting signs placed as visual guides. The signs in the school cafeteria over each bin (garbage, recycle, liquid) were created based on the most common items the food is served in and what students (in general) bring to eat. Some of the containers used to hold food cannot be recycled because it cannot be rinsed. If your child brings their lunch to school, please consider using reusable food containers instead of single-use plastic & utensils.

Here is a cute little recycle jingle “Plastic bottle shape, cup shape, paper, jars, and cans. Put them in the recycling bin, now that’s a great plan." Thank you all for your continued support in keeping Canyon Creek a Green School!