Sustainability Corner: January

Let's Get More Earth Friendly!

Make January the start of new habits for you and your family. Did you realize that “Heart” and “Earth” are spelled with the same letters?? It’s only fitting we should take care of our planet! Below are some suggestions and tips found from various #zerowaste sites on how you can make a difference. 

*Before buying anything, consider its 'BEFORELIFE' and 'AFTERLIFE'.

*Choose loose leaf tea because tea bags release micro plastics which end up in our oceans. Loose leaf tea can be purchased in bulk, which means less waste.

*Try shopping in bulk: get the exact amount you need, you’ll save money & you’ll reduce food packaging waste.

*Reuse your water container - have one for hot and one for cold.

*Refuse plastic one bag at a time - come with reusable bags on all your errands.

*Eat less from a box (or any packaging) and more from the earth.