Thank you to everyone who supported

Canyon Creek Elementary's

Scholastic Book Fair! 

We had so many kids shop at our Book Fair this year - before school, after school and during normal library times. It was amazing! Thank you so much to the students and parents who shopped and supported our book fair. At times we had long lines and everyone had such good manners!

Our family night was such a success. Thank you to all the families who attended and bought books! Every item purchased provides a credit for the us to purchase new books for our library! Also, thank you for donations and cookie & hot cocoa purchases in support of our All for Books fundraiser. Extra appreciation to everyone who bought books for teachers through our Teacher Wish List board - these are gifts that teachers & students will enjoy for years to come!

Hoorays to everyone who helped make this event run smoothly, including:

  • Sue Hanson
  • Terri Jaenson
  • Kym Hardon
  • Roxie Hall
  • Myrleen Christensen
  • Robyn Martin
  • Krista Frederickson
  • LeeAnne Thibodeaux
  • Melissa Staley
  • Sangeetha Kuppusamy
  • Laryssa Schwarz
  • Melanie McKenzie
  • Nicole Trimble
  • Megan King
  • Angela Hacker
  • Bridget Bruns-Callahan
  • Jill James
  • Kim Rosenberry
  • Courtney Pansini
  • Tanantha Couilliard
  • Kristin Nagy
  • Peter Nagy
  • Amber MAcfee
  • students in Mrs. Brown’s Class
  • middle school and high school volunteers

We hope that Canyon Creek students learn to love books and reading as much as we do!

Your librarians,
Karla Beavo & Krista Fiser