Congratulations to the 31 Canyon Creek students who participated in this year's Reflections program! It was wonderful to see the many ways they were inspired by this year's theme of "Look Within." We are so proud of all our amazing & talented students who submitted entries!!!


Dance Choreography - Primary:
Caroline A.*

Film Production - Intermediate:
Kendall K.*
Katie P.*
Sam S.

Literature - Intermediate:
Noelle P.*
Anoushka H.*
Zade K.*
Steven G.*
Benjamin P.
Destiny W.

Music Compostition - Primary:
Thea M.*

Intermediate Photography- Intermediate:
Colton C.*
Sanjay R.

Visual Arts (2D) - Primary:
Owee D.*
Amarissa C.*
Laila Z.*

Visual Arts (2D) - Intermediate:
Jessica T.*
Sanjay R.*
Ayden B.*
Nivedita M.*
Cristopher C.*
Tomas F.
Clara G.
Luke J.
Sujit K.
Noorpreet K.
Destiny W.
Sofia Z.

Visual Arts (3D) - Intermediate:
Emily T.*
Gavin H.*
Alan J.*
Emma S.
Pacey S.

*Starred entries have qualified to move on to district-level judging!

Many thanks to our judges who evaluated and scored this year's entries. Their scores were used to help determine which 20 submissions would move on to district-level judging.

Save the Date!

Save the date for the district-wide Reflections Celebration hosted by Northshore Council PTSA coming up on Saturday, January 11, 2020! The event will feature Reflections submissions from students across Northshore, including our Canyon Creek qualifiers. We hope you will join us in celebrating our student artists!