Popsicle Run Appreciation

On Friday, June 14th, we celebrated a fantastic year of Running Club with a one-mile run. At the end of the run, every student who wanted one was given a popsicle to enjoy and help them cool off! The kids had fun and each got an extra MILE in on their running club card!

Many of the fifth graders were paired up with kindergarten buddies to escort them around the route. THANK YOU to all those 5th graders who spent the run helping kindergarteners be safe and have fun!

We would like to thank ALL of the volunteers who helped with the Popsicle Run. This event takes a lot of adults to monitor the course, cheer on the students, pass out popsicles, etc. - you are so appreciated!! 

To add to this, about half of the third graders were on a field trip during the scheduled Popsicle Run, so many of the chaperones from the field trip stayed to help those third graders get their one mile run in - and get their popsicles!! SPECIAL CHEERS to the chaperones who extended their volunteer time to ensure those third graders got to experience the Popsicle Run!!

We would like to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to QFC at Canyon Park Place for the donation of the popsicles! They are a great supporter of our school and very much appreciate their generosity. Thank you to the school kitchen for generously finding space to store the popsicles!!

Of course none of this would be possible without the dedicated Running Club team, lead by Ms. Daniel (PE teacher), and our PTA Chairs: Alyssa Koske and Casey Dwyer! THANK YOU to all three of you for your dedication almost every week (Fridays and lots of Wednesdays too) throughout the school year!!

We hope to see all of the student (and teacher) walkers & runners out there next year at Running Club - earning their shoe tokens, getting exercise and having fun!!