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who participated in this Math Challenge. 







Math Challenge #9


It's a tie between two classes:

McDonnell (Kindergarten) & Reid (Grade 4)

Who will win the battle for Math Bear!??


They peacefully agreed that Mrs. McDonnell's kindergarten class should have a turn!


(Photographed - left to right: Mrs. McDonnell, Mrs. Reid)

All submissions for Math Challenge 9 (34 submissions)

Grade Teacher Student
Kindergarten Ms. Hart Hannah L
Ms. McDonnell Avery K
Griffin T
Jett C
Krishna B
Ms. Mcgrew Derek K
Ms. Meyer Georgina T
Grace N
Ms. Vasatka Saanvi G
Sathvik M
Grade 1 Ms. Andrick Aubrie H
Serena Z
Ms. Barton Elizabeth H
Ben T
Ms. Clarkson Rishi I
Ms. Sprague Hemanth I
Gouri P
Grade 2 Ms. Goodspeed Gavin J
Ms. Hodgson Vani S
Evan J
Mohammed R
  Ms. Burkett Robert H
Flynn Z
Ronnie G
Ms. Nuss Jack T
Grade 4 Ms. Reid Kendall J
Jessica T
Will R
Aryaman R
Ms. Vancour Sahana S
Grade 5 Ms. Brown Derek S
Ms. Johnson Mahathi S
Ms. Vaughan Ryan W
Edward Z

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