We applaud all students

who participated in this Math Challenge. 







Math Challenge #2

Hodgson (2nd)

Mrs. Hodgson's class will enjoy the Math Bear in their classroom until the next challenge results are posted -
when the Math Bear will move to the classroom with the most qualifying submissions for that challenge! 


All submissions for Math Challenge 2 (88 submissions)

Grade Teacher's Name Student's Name
Kindergarten McDonnell James H
Samarth R
Ethan W
Aisha B
McGrew Moaaz D
Meyer Fiona W
Rettig Samvir B
Laila Z
Teddy K
Roland Sienna M
Sarah A
Isaac A
Vasatka Arjun O
Samara J
Vihaan D
1 Axtell Tvisha R
Anton V
Shine S
Barton Ranae Z
Niyathi P
Max M
Arthee K
Lindley Grace N
Avery K
Materson Caraine A
Amarissa C
Thea M
Cooper W
Thea M
Sprague Willow T
Griffin T
Hannah L
Aadi G
Emalyn W
Sathvik M
Eleanor M
Aadhya P
2 Goodspeed Parker K
Veer M
Hodgson Karthika K
Evangeline A
Elizabeth H
Serena Z
Venice L
Arsh J
Campbell M
Vani S
Serena Z
Mahoney Aubrie H
Preston H
Vagt Tejasree S
Sushma N
3 Archuleta Hayden M
Nikhita P
Burkett Liam M
Mohammed R
Vihaan B
Johnson Jason H
Mukil P
Parsa K
Liedle Dhvani P
Nuss Ahana G
Evan J
Rishaan D
Paul J
Naga S
4 D'Entremont Katie P
Hall Sharon S
Tejas P
Hollingsworth Koen R
Vancour Vanshi P
Robert H
Sofia Z
Vanshi P
Wong Eshita R
Shreya B
Ishani K
Noorpreet K
5 Brown Anoushka H
Jessica T
Henderson Rohil V
Naviaran K
Johnson Aryaman R
Dom L
Larson Will R
Tavleen S
Yuanzhen F
Vaughan Sanjay R


NOTE - that for this first challenge, we received MANY submissions after the deadline (via paper).
Those submissions are not represented here,
but we are marking their participation/scores for end of year acknowledgement. 

We are very proud of ALL of the participants!
Please keep trying the math challenges!
Working with family, friends, etc. is encouraged.
It's all about learning and loving math.


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