2018-19 Math Challenge
Wrap Up!


The school year is almost over and the last Math Challenge is now complete!
It has been a wonderful year, with great participation.
Over the year, we have had 587 unique submissions from 125 students.
Since this is the first year of the Math Challenge program at Canyon Creek,
we would like to recognize all students who have submitted 9 or more challenges
(instead of the initial requirement of 12 submissions).
Here are the students who participated in 9 or more challenges this year!


Name Teacher # of entries
Grace N Ms. Meyer 15
Griffin T Ms. McDonnell 12
Jett C Ms. McDonnell 12
Hannah L Ms. Hart 11
Sathvik M Ms. Vasatka 10
Krishna B Ms. McDonnell 9

Grade 1 

Name Teacher # of entries
Serena Z Ms. Andrick 15
Elizabeth H Ms. Barton 14
Aubrie H Ms. Andrick 12
Gouri P Ms. Sprague 10

Grade 2

Name Teacher # of entries
Hayden M Ms. Goodspeed 12
Liam M Ms. Hodgson 12
Mohammed R Ms. Hodgson 11
Evan J Ms. Hodgson 10


Grade 3 

Name Teacher # of entries
Robert H Ms. Burkett 15
Koen L Ms. Kaai 13
Flynn Z Ms. Burkett 9
Jack T Ms. Nuss 9

Grade 4 

Name Teacher # of entries
Sahana S Ms. Vancour 15
Will R Ms. Reid 15
Aryaman R Ms. Reid 9
Jessica T Ms. Reid 9

Grade 5 

Name Teacher # of entries
Derek S Ms. Brown 14
Ryan W Ms. Vaughan 14
Edward Z Ms. Vaughan 12
Mahathi S Ms. Johnson 11
As the saying goes,
"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out" -Robert Collier
We are very proud of your consistency and hope that you had fun while completing the challenges.
Review the "Wall of Fame" for each of the 15 Math Challenges.

Thank you...

This would not have been possible without the consistent effort of parents of all the Math Challenge participants! Thank you for helping us with the grading and tracking the results. This involvement was extremely important for us to be able to keep this program alive and to further be able to scale as the participation increases year after year.
Of course, our biggest thanks go to Melanie McKenzie (PTA president) and Nicole Trimble (PTA VP Communications). Melanie has been with us every step of the way and has been so tremendously helpful with all the leg work (getting submitted prints, moving the math bear between classes, getting pictures with the winning class teachers, getting budget and so much more).  No one would know about the Math Challenge without Nicole. She has been responsible for getting the word out about Math Challenge (on the PTA website, the Coyote Howler, the PTA's Facebook page, the math challenge emails, the text messages).  Both ladies live and breathe the PTA; their hard work, persistence, and commitment to the students is phenomenal and it has been an absolute honor to have worked with them.  
However, we are very sorry to say that since we are moving to a new school next year, we will not be able to continue chairing the Math Challenge next year.  We are hopeful that someone will volunteer to chair the program next year. We are willing to help with the setup and the administration during the initial months. Once the setup is done, it is not very time consuming to run. Please consider volunteering in order to let the program continue for more years in Canyon Creek. 
Thank you once again! Have a wonderful summer! 
Meera and Mahesh 
Math Challenge Chairs (2018-2019)