Lunch For All Staff Members!

Sign up Deadline: midnight on Tuesday, February 11th
Delivery date: Thursday, February 13th by 9:30am

As a way to show our appreciation, Canyon Creek PTA is looking for volunteers to bring in (or order) lunches for Canyon Creek staff members. Feel free to sign up for ONE or a few! With 91 Canyon Creek Staff Members to provide lunches for, we hope you can help!

The idea of this event is that families or community members sign up for and provide a lunch for our Canyon Creek Staff Members. You can sign up to bring ONE lunch – or bring a FEW. Lunches should be delivered to the main office by 9:30 am on Thursday, February 13th.

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There are a few options to get a lunch to the staff:

  1. Make a lunch yourself and drop it off (sign up for a staff member)
  2. Buy a lunch and drop if off (sign up for a staff member)
  3. Buy a lunch and have it delivered (sign up for a staff member)
  4. Donate MONEY for our Staff Appreciation Team to use to provide lunches! (Donate here, make sure to write "Staff Appreciation" in the notes)

Here are more details (if the form of Q&A) that might help figure out how to help out with this fun event:

How do I know what to bring for the person I signed up for?

  • We have “Staff Favorite” information sheets for many of the staff members, which likely include what types of food they like (or dislike). This often includes their favorite dessert, what they love for lunch, food preferences, any allergies they have, etc.
  • You can also ask staff members what they like, where they like to get lunch, etc.
  • In general, we suggest providing these types of items:
    • Main - sandwich, salad, other
    • Side(s) - fruit, veggie, chips, etc
    • Drink - sealed can or bottle (please no open drinks/fountain drinks)
    • Treat - something fun to end the meal!


Why do you need the lunches by 9:30am?

  • Staff members have different times for their lunch breaks and there are going to be a LOT of lunches to sort and have ready for each lunch time!
  • We also want to make sure that every staff members has a lunch, so we want to inventory and ensure we have time to fill in for any missing lunches.
  • We will have access to a refrigerator to ensure food stays cold when necessary. 


Can I make a lunch to bring?

  • Absolutely! If you make a lunch, pack it in a box or a bag that will keep it together.
  • Make sure to label it with the Staff Member name – as well as a little card or note that provides YOUR name, so they know who made them their lunch!
  • If it needs to be refrigerated, it would be helpful to have a sticky note on the it to help the volunteers to know the best way to keep it until lunch time. 
  • You can think about delivering in a nicely decorated box, bag, or basket. Make it extra special and ask your student to help you decorate or make a card!


Can I purchase a lunch from a store/restaurant and deliver it to school myself?

  • Yes, this is definitely an option!
  • Just make sure you include a note or card so we know who it goes to!
  • Also, please NO open drinks (only sealed cans or bottles)


What about ordering a lunch to be delivered?

  • For sure! You can order from someplace that delivers like Panera, Jimmy Johns, etc. Here are some things to consider when placing the order:
    • Name for order: Make sure the order is labeled with the name of the staff member, so we know who it should go to!!
    • Delivery Address: Canyon Creek Elementary, 21400 35th Ave SE, Bothell, WA 98021
    • Delivery date: 2/13, ideally 9:30am, but no later than 10:30am
    • Email your order confirmation to the Staff Appreciation team ( so they know that it will be delivered, who it’s for, what time to expect it, and who will be delivering it.
    • Please NO “open” drink containers – no fountain drinks/coffees/etc. All drinks should be in sealed bottles or cans.

I want to help, but can I just donate money?

  • Yes, that works too!
  • Please try to get your donation in as early as possible to allow time for our Staff Appreciation team to use the funds to provide lunches for staff!
  • Donate HERE - but make sure you make a note in the PayPal screen to direct funds to Staff Appreciation.



If you have questions, please feel free to reach out! This is a fun event for staff members and they feel special when they get a lunch provided just for them!

Staff Appreciation Team: Alyssa Koske & Stephanie Dunning (


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Thank you for your help in making our staff feel special!