Calling all 2019-20 INCOMING kindergarteners & families!!

Canyon Creek PTA would like to welcome your family to our school community! Our mission (displayed at the top of the website) is to help provide an environment of community, learning and fun - through after school enrichment programs, bringing art to every classroom through are Art Docent program, fun evening events and more!

One specific event that is aimed directly at incoming kindergarteners and their families is our Summer Fun Kindergarten Playdates! We arrange a number of play dates over the summer intended to get new kindergarteners to meet each other, play together and hopefully make friends before school starts - making those first weeks of school easier!! Also, for parents to meet other incoming kindergarten parents and maybe exchange info and have their own playdates - and get to know other families that will be at Canyon Creek!! We will have a few "expert" parents at the events to help answer questions about the basics of how things work, etc. 

We are working on scheduling the kindergarten playdates and will be communicating about them here on our website, as well as other communication channels. We encourage you to get signed up for our Summer Fun Playdate Facebook group and the Summer Playdate reminders. They both will provide updates, but have their own advantages.

  • Join our Summer Playdates FB Group ** BEST METHOD FOR INFO ABOUT SUMMER PLAYDATES **
    • This is a place for kindergarten families to ask questions, find out when the play dates are, learn if there are cancellations of the play dates due to weather (heavy rain, air quality, etc).
    • This is a private group that includes prior new families as well as several experienced PTA leaders who can share information, answer questions, etc - to help you get familiar with our school, PTA and how things work! It's all about welcoming new families and helping answer questions!!!
  • Sign up for our Summer Playdate reminders. ** GREAT for day before/day of reminders!! **
    • These can be EMAIL or TEXT reminders (depends if you provide an email and/or phone - and you can always edit your account to update). We will have a signup sheet at the Kindergarten Parent orientations - as well as send information home via kindergarten emails from the school.
    • You can update your account settings on! Set it up to get texts and/or emails -- or you can download the app to your phone and get push notifications. 
    • Canyon Creek Kindergarten Orientation Attendees (March 25th or March 29th) - if you turned in the little signup slip of paper with your email & phone number, but didn't get a text/email about the reminders, please email Nicole Trimble with your contact information and we will figure it out. 


Another idea is to sign up for our weekly PTA newsletter, the Coyote Howler. 

  • Sign up for our PTA newsletter ** Great for general information about what's going on **
    • This will give you a glimpse of what kinds of things might be going on next year for your family, as part of our school community! Sent out weekly on Sunday afternoons at 4pm. Make sure you check "Weekly Howler Newsletter".


And of course, you can always check out our website!!

  • Canyon Creek PTA Website - ** Wonderful resource for information **
    • This just has so much information -- including the calendar (which you can subscribe to, so it' shows on your online calendar!), opportunities to get involved and help with events, articles about happenings in our PTA and community.

We are here for you-- to answer questions, share information, and hopefully make the new adventure of kindergarten a little easier! Come to the playdates, ask questions. Join the FB group, ask questions. We hope to talk to you soon!

Questions about the playdates? Contact our Summer Fun chair, Patty Buchanan.

** Note that this page will be available through the summer with updated information!

Please find it on the LEFT menu bar, under PROGRAMS, "Kindergarten Playdates".