Update about Screening Day

Vision and Hearing Screening Day was a great success. Thank you to our volunteers! It's a fast-paced fun day and is of great service to our Canyon Creek students. Screening day is step one in the screening process. Some students are screened by the nurse or audiologist a second time with different equipment and environment if the first screening is not successful. A referral letter is mailed to parents if students do not pass the second screening. The process will be complete within the next few weeks. 

Thank you PTA and Screening Volunteers!

Special Thanks to Barby Taheri for providing lunch to our volunteers, and Stephanie Dunning & Starbucks for providing the coffee. Thank you to the following screening volunteers and our PTA board for their help:
  • Susan Kuniyuki
  • Angela Hacker
  • Rita Modha
  • Elesha Ostrander
  • Stephanie Dunning
  • Lisa Quigley
  • Alyssa Koske
  • Bridget Bruns

- Nurse Susan


Susan Monette-Czarnecki, RN, BSN
Canyon Creek Elementary School Nurse
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