Crayon & Marker Drive Recap!

Our PTA Sustainability Team had a Crayon and Marker Drive during the last couple weeks of school before summer break.
We wanted to let you know how much we collected and where it went!



We sent 40 lbs of the collected crayons to Crazy Crayons to be melted down and reused.
We also donated about 15 lbs to Northshore Headstart-
these were crayons that were in excellent condition and we wanted to give those to our local community.



We sent 35 lbs of markers to Crayola ColorCycle program to be re-purposed into clean burning fuel.


Thank YOU!!

Thank you to all the families and school community who donated!!

Our PTA Sustainability Team is planning to do this again this year,
so please keep your old/used markers & crayons instead of throwing them in the garbage!!