Canyon Creek PTA Helping Hands Program

Our PTA and school are teaming up to offer this confidential program for our school families in need. Requests for needs were confidentially made directly to Sue Hanson, our school Office Manager. This is a year long program and we are hoping to provide holiday meals & grocery gift cards, fulfill wish lists for the winter break holidays, and more.

** If your family would benefit from help in July, please check out this article with more information about how we hope to help, and how to directly contact Sue Hanson for confidential signup! The flyer in the linked article is available in English & Spanish.

Summer Break


How can you help?

Due to our current situation (COVID-19, stay at home order, families losing their jobs,etc.), we have MANY families that are struggling and would like to ensure they have food during the summer break. We used almost all of the prior donations for the Thanksgiving meals, winter break & mid-winter break grocery gift cards. Any amount will help!

If you would like to donate to our Helping Hands Program, we will be accepting monetary donations until June 12th. We will then purchase food gift cards for the our Helping Hands families.  



  • For additional information or questions about how to donate to our Canyon Creek PTA Helping Hands program, contact Melanie McKenzie,
  • To sign up to receive help through this program, contact our school Office Manager, Sue Hanson at 425-408-5701 or


What we have done so far this year:


Mid-Winter Break Grocery Gift Cards

With the cash and gift cards we had remaining after the holiday, we were able to provide grocery gift cards for 17 families to help them through the mid-winter break! 


Holiday Wishlists and More

Right before the winter break, our Canyon Creek Community worked hard to fulfill holiday wish lists for families who would benefit from a little extra help -- and WOW, did they deliver! We were able to provide at least one gift for everyone listed in the wishlists!

Thank you!

EXTREME GRATITUDE to everyone who contributed to our Helping Hands Holiday Wish List. We were able to provide every family on our list with something for each listed person. THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!!! Thank you so much to: Mrs. Vasatka, Emily Owen, Mrs. Vancour, Mr. D’entremont, Melanie McKenzie, Jennifer Snyder, Emily Cross, Megan Mullins, Mrs. Fiser, Crystal Fry, Christine Hansen, Mrs. Roland, Gowri Natarajan, Ms. Airhart, Courtney Pansini, Katie Parsons, Stephanie Siverston, Mr. Graff, Ms. Hanson, Jennifer Griffin, Nancy Tangen, Jennifer Herbison, Melissa Houghton, Bria LeFeuvre, Nicole Trimble, Mrs. Burkett, Shaylin Petersen, Mrs. Hart, Ms. Kieffer, Mrs. Slywka, Mrs. Sprague, Kristina Belcher, Cristi Comes, Heather Douangpanya, Ms. Ducotey, Ms. Ehlers, Karlie Kirkham, Ms. Mahoney, Mr. Trischetti Jr., Robin Zaback and Terri Jaenson. We also received a few last minute monetary and wish list items from a few unknown individuals- THANK YOU so much! Special thank you to Canyon Creek Office Manager, Sue Hanson, for coordinating with our school families about their needs--and for the extra effort and energy to support our PTA in this project!  We are so grateful. Again, our gratitude and appreciation is endless for everyone that came together to make this happen!


Thanksgiving Meals

On Monday, November 25th, our Canyon Creek Community worked together to provide meals to families at Canyon Creek who requested help with a Thanksgiving meal. Together, we were able to provide meals kits (with turkeys and supplies for all the fixings) for 11 families! 

Thank you!

Huge gratitude and appreciation to all our school families and staff who donated to our Helping Hands Thanksgiving Drive: Terri Jaenson, Becky Trepp, Heather Danz, Nancy Tangen, Ashley Watts, Mary Vasatka, Bob Graff, Megan Madsen, Valerie Baker, Courtney Pansini, Michaela Vaccari, Bela Bhatt, Anna Baker, Melanie McKenzie, Kristin Nagy, Bethany Jager, Sumitha Fernando, Krista Chmielewski, Emily Cross, Jennifer Spataro, Jodi Ehlers, Gretchen Slywka, Nikki Coyle, and Alena Sharma. Huge shout out to Nicole Trimble, Jennifer Snyder and Melanie McKenzie for helping organize the donations for pick up.

Also special thank you to Laura Kay Lichtman and Martin Metzdorf for supporting our school families by doing a neighborhood drive to benefit our Helping Hands program.